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Traditional & Classic Rugs

Rugs are a timeless addition to any home and decor. While it’s true that some rugs may not be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, others, like those listed below, are so beautiful they’ll make you want to sit with them all day long. traditional rugs and classic rugs seem to be part pf the latter.

The traditional Persian rug is one category of rugs that is not uncommon to find in the home. These rugs were typically made from wool and natural dyes, with a knot density ranging between 30-40 knots per square inch or less. These rugs are supposed to ornament the special parts of your house, like the high-traffic living room, where all your visitors can appreciate their beauty.

In this category of rugs, you can find hand-made pieces from far-away Asian countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, India, and Turkey. Whatever color you desire, a traditional rug or a classic rug was probably woven in it.

Traditional Persian Rugs have been the focus of special attention. They were traditionally made in special places of the world, such as Turkey, Iraq, and Iran. They used to be expensive and ornate important areas of the house, like expensive paintings.

These rugs bring a touch of mystery and elegance to our homes and allow us to feel fully comfortable within our walls.

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