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Halloween decor - Shop our latest dark color oriental rugs

The Halloween market is a huge one here in the US. From costumes to decorations, it's easy to get carried away with all of the options. The same can be said for home decor items, such as rugs, curtains, lamps… If you would like to have a special Halloween-themed decor for that scary night, there are many options to consider.  

When creating a Halloween-y atmosphere in the living room   or bedroom ,  shoppers should make sure that their rug matches their décor. They'll want to create a new image in their home for the holiday season, but still take into account the regular decor, so that they're not left with something that doesn't go well with it.  

In this article, we detail how to choose a matching area rug color for your room.  and discuss how you can use them in your home this fall. We will help transform any room into a truly remarkable place with a very unusual look that will give the chills to all of your guests!  


Halloween decor  - Shop our latest dark color oriental rugs  

Halloween is approaching rapidly, and to be able to display the best interior design your visitors will ever see, it is time to start gathering the items you will include. Prepare all the candles you can hold, the wreaths full of spiders and/or friendly pumpkins, and the spider webs all across the room, but prepare your dark-colored area rugs as well, for they will be very much needed.  

Here at Magic Rugs, we love Halloween displays! And we would love to help you facilitate your home decorating process. So let us start right away!   


Planning your Halloween rug decor   

When planning any kind of Halloween decor, be it a Halloween adult party or a haunted house, dark-colored Halloween rugs are an essential must-have for your scary get-together, a Persian dark color rug   is perfect for making your home look 100 years old. And by placing them in the doorway, for instance, you can use these exquisite dark floor rugs to check out all of your party guests as they arrive.  

For those who prefer a traditional look and feel, and would like to reuse these new decor acquisitions in less terrifying ways, there are also lots of stylish Persian rugs, runner rugs ,  and Halloween living room rugs to choose from. Stay spooky with one of our dark-colored oriental rugs!  

There are amazing Halloween area rugs ready to turn any room into a festive wonderland in seconds! Imagine a black or dark brown cowhide rug   under your couch, full of spider webs… Spooky, isn’t it? Whether you're decorating for an enchanting party or just looking for something new and exciting for your home this fall, we know these would make the perfect addition to your home space.  


How to choose a rug color?  

Choosing the right rug color for your room is no easy task, but luckily, it's not nearly as difficult as you may think. Choosing the right rug color is important to make your home look amazing. The right color can make all the difference in a room, but finding the right one isn't always a straightforward task. to help you in your selection, we've pulled together some tips and tricks to consider when looking for the perfect rug color.  

What color area rug should I get? The answer to this question depends on many aspects, including the furniture around it, the light entering your room normally gets, and most importantly in this Halloween context, the effect that you want to achieve.  

If you want to blend in with the rest of your furniture and other decorations, but also create a spooky aesthetic result, you might try picking dark oriental rugs ,  like a black chobi rug for your living room. These dark colors will surely provide your room with that mysterious element you are looking for, so they're perfect if you plan on decorating a certain part of your home for Halloween.  


Matching area rugs with the furniture   

Matching rugs with the furniture around them is vital when putting together a room. You must allow all items to complement each other. The compatible colors will naturally bring some aesthetic effect when you enter the space, and it can also create an instant feeling of coziness that you don't feel in any other room. This is why you should always put effort into your decor items' matching.    

We will discuss some of the situations you may find in your home when decorating for your Halloween extravaganza, and we will provide tips on how to find the right matching colors for you.  

For example, if you choose a dark yellow or red-orange theme for your living room, you might want to put a yellow rug and an orange area rug on the floor.   

Don't mix too many different colors in one room. For example, if you have a red couch with white walls that go together with a green sofa and dark brown chairs placed in front of a green wall, there is also mosaic tile on the floor.  


  1. what color area rug for a beige couch?  

A neutral color such as beige on a couch calls for darker-toned complements. A dark blue ,   green,    or even gray rug   could be the perfect choice to match this piece of furniture. The initial idea of this harmony can make your living room more relaxing and inviting, if you have furniture that's in different tones of cream colors, darker tones in the rug will make it look more simple and elegant.  


  1. what color area rug goes with gray furniture?  

For a gray scheme in the room, contrasting colors that complement each other are the answer. Orange ,   purple   or black ,  are always a good choice, and not only because it’s Halloween. If you decide on creamier colors, consider adding warm tones like red or to the mix to keep it from feeling too stark in the room when light is streaming in through windows.   

If you have a gay center table and would like to display it in your Halloween decor, try adding a dark round rug, a couple of scary spiders, and a gazing ball to surprise your visitors.  


  1. what color area rug with light hardwood floors?  

It is believed that light and airy tones work best with light, natural floor tones. However, dark colors shouldn't be overlooked. An earthy large   Halloween rug, for example, will add a grounded feel to the room and not only create a fantastic Halloween atmosphere, but also set your home apart from those that use mostly light colors.  

For your Halloween festivities, try and daring with large, striking rugs; a 9x12 dark rug, will make your visitors feel as if they were in the middle of a haunted manor, and an 8x10 pictorial rug will create the aspect of a luxurious abandoned castle, all in favor of your Halloween aesthetics.  


  1. what color area rug with the brown leather sofa?  

When you're choosing a rug to go with a brown leather sofa, you should consider that the point of using rugs is to tie everything together into one cohesive design. So because the sofa is made out of leather and it's brown, you would want something light and airy. However, for Halloween decorations, an affordable vintage rug with burgundy and golden shadows, or a black Nain rug will do the job.  


Ready for Halloween festivities?   

Here at Magic Rugs, we want to help you create the best Halloween-themed decor, and to achieve that, we have prepared dozens of selections of antique rugs, where you will be able to find luxurious authentic signature Persian rugs and affordable antique Persian rugs. Do not be fooled by the price, for all you will find by browsing through our catalog is real Persian rugs.   

If you're looking for something truly unlike any other Halloween decorations, we think you'll find our modern Halloween rugs to be among the most striking and gorgeous options on the market, and we also offer free shipping! Could it get any better?  

Yes, it can. We have one of the largest collections online. Among our many pages, we have curated a catalog of the most beautiful Halloween discount rugs. We sell vintage rugs to embellish your spaces. Be it Tribal rugs ,   Kilim rugs ,   Shiraz rugs ,   Tabriz rugs ,  or Mahal rugs ,  we have everything you need and want to make your rug shopping experience as exciting and easy as it can be.