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Kashan Rugs

If you are considering adding a new decor item to your living room or dining room, you might want to consider an antique Kashan rug. Kashan Persian rugs are hand-knotted and are characterized by a traditional floral design.

The term "Kashan" refers to the town located in Iran, which has historically been a center for rug production. Kashan Persian rugs were originally made with only natural dyes, and the wool used was generally sheep's wool, however, nowadays, it is possible to find Kashan silk rugs.

These antique Kashan rugs are often associated with the highest of qualities, delicately handwoven with the best craftsmanship. They portray floral patterns often around a red medallion. However, colors are as varied as they could, for you could easily find a blue Kashan rug adorned with gold, or even an orange one, mixed with dark green shades.

Nowadays, Kashan rugs have a really bright reputation, for instance, their beauty is exhibited in many prestigious museums around the world. This has made its value grow steadily over the years. However, here at Magic Rugs, we offer the best compilation of authentic and luxurious Kashan rugs for sale you are sure to love for your spaces.

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