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We Have Always Been Magic Rugs!

Hmm, things are looking different…  That’s right, we’ve gone and made some changes! (For the better we hope, of course.)  In case you noticed the URL redirect… 


12 Days Of Christmas - Azerbaijan Province

Tabriz is famous for its handcrafted, hand-knotted rugs. The Tabriz style is considered a classic in the rug industry. Tabriz is the capital of the East Azerbaijan Province of Iran. It’s recognized as one of the oldest populated weaving centers in all of Persian Culture.


Tips to place a rug in a small living room

A rug is a perfect accessory for any room, especially an interior. It is able to add the most charming beauty to the room and also serves as an easy way to elevate your immediate surroundings. Rugs are a great way to increase the coziness of your small living room. But, placement can be tricky - especially if you’ve got a small room and a lot of furniture or other items blocking your walking space


what is a kilim rug?

A kilim rug is a handmade woven rug, traditionally made in Eastern and Southern Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Western Afghanistan. The word "Kilim" is an old Turkish word meaning "to spread around". And these beautiful rugs’ particularity is they are a sub-category of flat-weave rugs, which means they are made on a loom rather than being knotted, so they don't have a tufted pile.


Why You Need A Rug Pad - The Scoop From Our Designer Team

We get this question all the time! The simple answer is, Yes. But since quality rug pads tend to add a significant cost to your rug purchase,  we felt we owed you a more thorough explanation. So, we interviewed our interior designer rug specialists here at Magic Rugs, and here's what they had to say:


Home Office Rug Inspirations

Chances are, you've been spending quite a bit of time lately in the home office. So we rounded up our favorite home office decorating ideas and paired them with perfect rug choices. Enjoy!


6 Totally Giftable Home Décor Ideas for the Holidays

It can be difficult to understand what your client is looking for specifically if they don’t have a particular look in mind. However, gifting your client an incredible home décor item they will love doesn’t have to be a challenge. In fact, with your eye, you can probably find the perfect item for your client without too much stress.


5 Tips to Clean a Cowhide Rug

we have done the research for you and compiled a list of tips to keep your cowhide rug looking fresh so that you can get one for your rooms and enjoy it without any further complications.


The Difference Between Antique Vintage & New Rugs

If you're shopping for vintage rugs, you've probably run into this question. And for good reason. There is no governing authority on how rugs are labeled and marketed. Further complicating matters is the fact that the age of a rug is often unknown.


The Ultimate Mother's Day 2023 Gift Ideas

Possibly the best quality rugs available for you for giving as Mother's Day gift i.e. real oriental rugs are the best items of investment, and when cared for, they happen to be an excellent thing.