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What is KPSI And Why Does It Matter Anyway


One of the most commonly asked questions by customers here at Magic Rugs is - What Is KPSI (And why should I care)?   

So we put together this handy quick reference. You can also save the infographic to your Pinterest board.

What is KPSI and why does it matter anyway?  

It means Knot Per Square Inch. Generally, the higher the KPSI, the better the rug quality.

You can double-check a KPSI by checking the back of a rug. Simply estimate a square inch anywhere on the back of the rug. (A U.S. quarter coin is about 1" in diameter.) Count the number of "nodes" along the length and width of your square inch. Now multiply. 

# Of Nodes Per Length x # Of Nodes Per Width  

= Knots Per Square Inch (KPSI)  

Tip #1  

Make sure you find single-color nodes. If you see two colors within a node, then this particular rug is not fully depressed and you are seeing both sides of a knot. If you run into this, divide the number of nodes by two to get the actual knot count per length or width.

Tip #2  

We always recommend doing your own knot count in different parts of the rug. A well made vintage rug will have relatively even KPSI throughout.

Want to learn more?  

Check out How To Determine Oriental Rug Value .

Remember, a good vintage rug dealer won't just sweep it under the carpet!  

That's why we go above and beyond to tell you everything about the rugs in our inventory . Each product page gives a detailed description about that very exact one-of-a-kind rug. You'll also find photos of each rug, from various angles, in different lighting, and so on. We always provide a photo of the back of the rug, so you can inspect the knot-work yourself.

And if you still want more.  

Just call us or send us a message . We talk to customers all the time about their find's. We're happy to video chat or send you extra pictures too.

We hope this is a helpful guide for you. Our guides are based on real questions from real customers. You can always contact us if you need help finding the perfect rug. Don’t forget to check out our massive collection of unique vintage Persian & Oriental rugs . You can shop easily using all the criteria we’ve listed here in this guide. Happy shopping!



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