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what size rug under the dining table?

Dining room rugs are an important part of your dinnertime experience. You're not only creating your own nook or space to have a meal, but you're also inviting friends and family in for the night. To some, all you need is a nice table and some chairs, but for others, it's about style too.

Dining room rugs can be the deciding factor between a run-down, typical dining space and something with more character, and that is the reason why it is very important to choose the right one for your space. 

What size and shape should your dining room rug be? The answer to these questions is not unique, for there are many options and alternatives depending on your personal taste, the size of your room, the table you will put it under, or even the furniture placed in the room. That is why, in this article, we tell you some rules of thumb regarding sizes and shapes for you to find the perfect rug to beautifully complement and enhance your spaces.


What size rug is under the dining table


As is the case for bedrooms or living rooms, there are tons of great reasons to put a rug under your dining table. It creates a more homey feel, keeps you ever so slightly warmer on chilly days, and it really works with the colors in most rooms, and although it might not seem the obvious option; a dining room rug might just be one of the greatest purchases you could make. 

According to Marshal Bright for My Domaine, “a rug can take a dining room to the next level—and even change the feel of the entire space.” And this is completely true: a rug can help anchor the dining table, neatly divide the spaces in the area, and complete the look of the room that might have felt quite empty. Of course, these are not the only benefits of having a dining room rug   under the dining table.


What are the benefits of including a rug in your dining room?

I'm glad you asked… Following up, you will find a list of just some of the most helpful benefits of adding a rug to your dining room or kitchen :

  1. Homey Feeling: When you have a rug under the dining table, you will have the homey feeling your whole family is there with you. A rug brings back memories and makes you feel as if it were Thanksgiving.
  2. More Warmth: When you put a rug under your dining table, it creates a cozy environment where you may want to sit longer and enjoy your meal more than if there were no rug down. This makes any mealtime experience more enjoyable!
  3. Enhanced interior design: We have already discussed how the presence of a beautiful accent rug can bring everything in the room together. But regarding color and design, you can easily coordinate the colors in your tablecloth with the colors in your rug, for it sure makes for a beautiful set-up!
  4.  Floor and Carpet Protection: Since the rug is under your dining table and directly protects the floor under it, high traffic and moving chairs around will not cause any damage to your floor or carpeting!
  5. Spilled Liquids: If you get a spill, like red wine, soda, or food under your table, chances are the spill fell right onto the rug, which means both your floor will be protected and that you will not have to worry about a cleanup until later when you can simply wash the spill away and clean it with water.

Although it might not be an obvious option for Interior designers and homeowners around the world, a dining room rug is -by far- one of the most practical and useful decor items you could include in the space you devote to mealtime.


What are the recommendations of experts for a dining room rug? 

As it happens with every room, there must be some considerations one should have when choosing a rug for the dining room. There needs to be a thorough thinking process of what works better in the area, round rugs ,   rectangular rugs   or square rugs ? Small area rugs or rather big ones? 

There are multiple answers to each question you may have, and they all can be right, as it of course depends on your own personal preferences and your room needs. As a homeowner quoted by Annie Schlechter for Country Living   “our space, design preferences, and needs should dictate”. And as true as this may be, there are still some guidelines you could follow when choosing your area rug .


What shape should my dining room rug be?  

In the shape department, you can have either rectangular area rugs, square area rugs, or round area rugs. The shape of your rug must be directly defined by the shape of the table that must go over it. Abe Abbas asserted for the Spruce “Most dining room rugs are rectangles, but any shape can work. It is most pleasing to the eye for the rug to reflect the shape of the table.”

However, as we have discussed before, home decor rules are not final, and although round kitchen rugs and round dining room rugs are definitely not the obvious options for dining rugs, we could opt for a round rug to complement our dining room, because here at Magic Rugs we support creativity and bold movements.


What size should my dining room rug be? 

The choice depends on your table's shape, the space in the room, and many other elements. Some thumb rules to follow are:

  1. The rug should be large enough to have the table and all its chairs over it, even if they are pulled away, everyone sitting on the chairs should still fit inside the rug.
  2. The rug should be big enough to hold the whole table inside and small enough to leave some inches of clearance space from the walls to the edges of the rugs. This space should be equal on each side for a balanced effect. 

On standard sizes, you could opt, depending on the space you count with, for an 8 ft round rug, which could perfectly match a 48” dining table. 


Where to find the best dining room rugs?  

Choosing the right size rug for your dining table is crucial to creating a balanced and visually appealing space. At Magicrugs.com, we offer a wide selection of high-quality hand-knotted rugs and vintage rugs, all perfect for your dining room. 

Whether you prefer a muted rug or a vibrant antique rug, we have a variety of options to suit your unique style and taste. Our living room rug collection includes the popular 8x10 area rug, as well as square and round rug options to fit any room.

When it comes to selecting the right size rug for your dining table, there are a few key considerations. The rug should be large enough to accommodate your dining table and chairs, allowing the chairs to slide in and out without catching on the edge of the rug. 

A good rule of thumb is to choose a rug that is at least 24 inches wider and longer than your dining table. This will provide enough space for the chairs to be pulled back without slipping off the rug.

At Magicrugs.com, we offer free shipping and return shipping on all our rugs, so you can shop with confidence and find the perfect rug for your dining room. Our team of experts is here to help you choose the perfect dining room rug to match your home decor and personal style. 

Whether you prefer a square rug, round rug, or traditional rectangular rug, we have a wide selection of high-quality rugs to choose from. With our satisfaction guarantee, you can be sure that you are getting the best value and quality when you shop at Magicrugs.com

If you put all the best places to find rugs online, you would find that the very best among them all is Magic Rugs where you can find the most beautiful rugs for every space in your home. Among our very comprehensive catalog, you will find rugs for every kind of need and personal taste. For instance, you can find beautiful round rugs for sale to place under your dining room.


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