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Magic Rugs Blog

How to Keep Persian Rugs Clean

Cleaning handmade Persian area rugs requires care and attention. However, the whole rug doesn't get dirty simultaneously. Some portions require yearly cleaning, while you can leave other areas for years without cleaning.


Make A Unique Interior Statement With Tribal Area Rugs

Handmade Persian area rugs and Oriental carpets possess this unique combination of functionality and style that make them an ideal add-on to any interior space. With their multitude of traditional patterns and intriguing color schemes, they turn out to be the ultimate eye-catching decor details or a form of artistic comfort, if you choose to see it that way.


Rug Pads - Protect Your Floors

Everybody knows that whenever you buy beautiful affordable Oriental rugs to exhibit at your house and to match the amazing decor you have planned and also to look perfect all the time without any accidents, you definitely need a rug pad. Even better if it is eco-friendly.


Look For The Best Deals Online

With online shopping, you can buy the right rug from online stores like Magic Rugs, where you will easily find the right rug at the most affordable price, and have it shipped to your home free of charge. 


What to know about Persian Rugs

Handmade Persian area rugs are one of the most effective and fundamental components that show the central theme of Persian Art and Culture. The development of the art rug has always been one of the most important manifestations for Persian artists.


Choosing The Right Rug Pattern for Your Home

Rug designs have the power to significantly alter the appearance of a whole room. A rug is an inexpensive option to modernize your floors and furnishings and change the look of a space. There are numerous variables to take into account when buying a rug, though, depending on the room, size, and


Understanding Rug Terms

Handmade Persian Area Rugs are generally classified as machine-made, hand-tufted or hand-woven/hand-knotted. There is a great deal of difference in these three classifications.


Why Great Oriental Area Rugs Have Abrash!

Abrash is basically a term used to express the color variations in handmade Persian area rugs, especially the ones weaved under tribal or nomadic settings. The hand-spun wool possesses fibers that vary in diameter naturally


Affordable Persian Rugs

Magic Rugs is a family-owned business, where the decisions are made by family members from different generations and relations. With over 10 years in the family rug business, Magic Rugs provide the finest work conditions for the employees through the exceptional dynamics and affairs of a family business


Symbols and Colors in Hand-Knotted Oriental Rugs

Handmade Oriental area rugs feature various symbols, patterns, and colors which make them endearing works of art. Looking at the exquisite oriental rugs makes you feel delighted. But what you may not know is that these symbols, patterns, and colors on the rugs have got some specific meaning.


Is my Oriental rug authentic?

Oriental or handmade Persian area rugs are the latest trends in chic room decor. The last thing you want is to bring home a gorgeous "Oriental" rug only to find out it's really just an imitation. But don't worry! We have a helpful guide for you to use when you're searching for that special piece.