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Choosing the right area rug for your bedroom

A bedroom is a private sanctuary, and choosing the right decor items can make it feel more like it. A rug is a great starting point to achieve your aesthetic goals within your private spaces. If you are still doubtful of the great benefits a rug can bring into your bedroom, this post includes some of the benefits purchasing one would bring.

When we have been finally convinced of the great powers of a rug on the bedroom floor, everything must be set for the purchase. There might be, nevertheless, some emerging doubts regarding what styling, sizes, colors, and patterns are the right ones to place in your personal spaces. Finding the right bedroom rug is based on many diverse factors and parameters, and this blog has discussed some of the most elegant trends around. Learn more about bedroom rug decoration.

Choosing the right area rug for your bedroom

traditional rug

In modern-day, a bedroom is usually considered to be an individual’s sanctuary of privacy. It is where they can escape from the outside world and take some time for themselves. While a bedroom should be comfortable, it should also have an essence of class and style which reflects its owner.

A rug in the bedroom can be the finishing touch that pulls together all the different elements of decoration a person has chosen for their room; they allow for convenient access when getting in or out without having to step on cold hardwood or tile floors, creating warmth and coziness beneath your feet and bringing all the beauty it might need.


Are bedroom rugs a good option?

We will discuss the many benefits a rug can bring into a bedroom in both beauty and practicality.

  • Bedroom area rugs are able to bring splashes of color and style. A rug can brighten up any room and make it look elegant.
  • Rugs will also help with the comfort of the room. With their soft and warm feeling underfoot, they will allow you to avoid cold flooring. 
  • Rugs offer some padding on hard floors, this is a great aid for the younger in the family. Installing kids' bedroom rugs can seal forever the issue of children's falls forever. Of course, thicker rugs provide more cushions than thinner ones.

modern rug

Get the best bedroom rugs

An area rug can produce an enormous change inside a bedroom. It can transform the look and feel of a room, from bringing a splash of color to putting you in contact with mother earth, either through the seasons, with autumn rugs , or the sea with beach rugs. You can check our catalog for both rug styles and find out the aesthetic potential your own room has. 

Of course, more importantly than that, rugs are affordable, and easy to completely change the decor style, colors, and ambiance of a room. There are thousands of options you can choose from, and here at Magic Rugs, we invite you to browse our large and comprehensive product catalog, for you might very probably find the perfect rug among the best and most comprehensive selection of rugs. 

Do not hesitate for another second, you can fill your space with a brilliant rug today!


How to choose the right area rug for your bedroom

When choosing a bedroom area rug, there are various important parameters to look out for. Some of these include:


The size of the rug  

Rug sizes for bedrooms depend on the size of your bed or mattress . For beds that are smaller than average, small bedroom rugs may be more suitable, as they will provide floor space for you to move around the room and will make both the room and the bed look bigger. Similarly, big bedroom rugs or extra-large rugs  in front of King or Queen-sized beds can be the best option.

To discuss further alternatives, we must mention runner rugs for the bedroom . Contrary to the public belief, which says they fit only in hallways, runner rugs have a great potential to work extremely well in bedrooms; both on the side of the bed or at the foot of the bed. These types of rugs can make any space look organized, and they are a smart option in matters of size, cost, and re-usability. 

The color of the rug   

This decision has a direct correlation with the overall decor of your bedroom. While rugs are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, it is recommended to select a color that matches those already present in your bedroom.

For instance, if the walls and other furniture pieces in your bedroom are in a variety of pastel colors, you may want to use this beige rug for this bedroom, which might just bring the touch of elegance needed. Lavender rugs for a bedroom may just be the perfect kid's rugs. They could be placed in the girl's room, under the princess castle she will play with.


The right pattern     

Since our bedroom is a private space, that we can decorate as it pleases, a luxurious glam bedroom rug could be the decor element that gives our room an upgrade; with its bright colors and deluxe patterns, glam rugs can make your room look like you are part of the royalty.

On the other side, if you are seeking to incorporate the feel of natural spaces or a cottage-inspired style into your bedroom, a grass rug for the bedroom might just be the perfect option. With their long shag and bright green colors, they can bring the seasonal beauty only spring has into your personal spaces.


Choose the rug that best fits you

With all of these factors in mind, you are now ready to begin your search for the perfect bedroom area rug. You must keep in mind all this advice regarding styles and sizes, but allow us to remind you that it is you who makes the final decision. Always follow your interior home decor expert instinct, for it will not ever fail to bring beautiful pieces into your home.