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Transform your living area with Grey and Silver Rug

The options for decorating this sacred area are more than plentiful thanks to a large number of fabrics available today and the wide variety of styles in which they come in. But even if you're not quite sure how to go about decorating your living room, there are still plenty of options for making this space seem more sophisticated and elegant without breaking the bank.


Matching Your Brown Couch with Rugs and Decor

Interior designers often recommend building a room around the rug. But what if you’re starting with a brown couch? We recommend these three rug colors to go with a brown couch, plus bonus advice on living room ideas, coffee tables and more.

Tags: brown couch,blue rug,grey rug

Area Rug Under Coffee Table Size

We’ve put together this post all about how to measure your space and make sure your area rug will fit perfectly under your coffee table! We have included some key points you should know before making any decisions, as well as a few helpful tips that we have come across. 


101 Rug Guide > What are Jute Rugs?

It is no secret that jute rugs are chosen by many to be the centerpiece of their rooms and even houses. their natural, rustic beauty attracts every homeowner and interior designer to include it in the design plan of their dream homes. That is why it would be more than usual if you are interested in adding a jute rug to your rooms.

Tags: oriental rug

What is a Bohemian rug?

Add a Bohemian flair to your home with vibrant, eclectic rugs. Get tips for integrating Bohemian style in your bedroom, living room, bathroom, and dining room


The Ultimate Rug Pile Guide For This Winter

What does the pile do? The main function of a rug's pile is to provide grip for your feet as you walk across it. It also can protect the edges from becoming worn or frayed. But that's just one of many functions piles play in rugs!


A quick guide to Handtufted, Handknotted & Handloom rug

The ways in which these rugs are made will surprise you and probably allow you to understand how is it that some kinds of rugs are more valuable than others. We will review the process behind the making of each rug and how to tell them apart from other less valuable, machine-made rugs. Read on, and we'll break down the details of what makes hand-tufted, hand-knotted, and hand-loom rugs.


Rug Ideas For Under The Kitchen Table

If you're like many of us these days, you haven't seen the top of your kitchen table since virtual school started. If that's your current reality, then this post is for you! Placing a rug under your kitchen table can be a great way to define boundaries for younger ones - whether you're keeping them out or in. Having a dedicated study space can help your kids focus.


Tips to enhance your home & hallways using Runner Rugs

Runner rugs are extremely versatile rug models, suitable for many rooms in the house. They are usually shorter than a typical rug and have a low thread count, making them attractive for more abrasive carpeting. While its cousins, normal-sized area rugs, are more renowned and acclaimed by homeowners around the globe, it should be noted that runners have plenty of benefits and work perfectly...


How to Get Rid of Mold On Handmade Oriental Rugs

The faster you tackle the mold, the easier the task will become, because mold spores multiply and spread very quickly.  Some molds have got toxic properties, so you should treat this problem not only as a cleanliness issue but also as an important health issue.


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