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Choose The Best Rug Shape For Every Room In Your House

Rugs are indeed the life of our home. They tell a lot about the house's aesthetic and change the room's look to a whole other level with their presence. For that very reason, a great deal of effort and attention is required, while choosing a perfect rug.   

Along with pattern, design, texture, and quality, the rug's shape also needs to be considered while looking for a Rug for your house.   

We totally understand that finding a perfectly shaped rug, as per the room, can be a little hard. Check out this blog till the end that can help you choose the right Rug for your room.   

Things to consider to find the right rug shape for your space  


Measure the Area:  

While picking a rug, the first thing first is to measure the area of the room. Picking up the shape can be a subsidiary thing as first you have to learn the suitable size of the Rug so that it will fit well as per the room. If the room is too big, you need the Rug of the appropriate size that won't just conceal because of the room's size. Similarly, if the room is small, getting an enormous rug would be totally a waste of money.  

Measure the Furniture space:  

While purchasing a Rug, make certain that your chair, table, sofa, and other furniture pieces have enough space left in the room to move. Keep a picture in your mind and buy the Rug, big or small. Even with so much effort, just the mindless placement of a Rug without considering any space for furniture items in the room can kill the whole look of your room.   

Finally, consider the Room's use:   

Now, if you are confident about the size, finding the shape is the next step. The usage of the room plays a very significant factor when looking for the perfect rug shape. For example,    a large oval rug   goes best for home sitting. However, rectangular or square rugs  are fine for offices, where people visit throughout the day. Therefore, the use of the space is crucial to review while getting a Rug.   

Different types of Rug shapes  


Rectangular Rug:  

It is the most classic rug shape, and one can never go wrong with these rectangular rugs. A large rectangular rug goes with almost every space, whether a living room or dining room. However, you must position these rugs as per the area of the room. There is great liberty to play around with the rectangular dining room rug as you can place the furniture above the rug. Not only that, you can keep the rug in the center and position furniture around it. This shape is usually popularized by the Persian antique rugs as well as tapestry-style rugs from years back to this time.   



Oval Rug:  

Oval rugs   are the easiest to design and can be used in almost every space. You can pick vintage oval rugs for country-style homes and quaint living spaces. They are mostly available in a braided style which cannot be easily found in other-shaped rugs.     
The small rugs   are most adaptable to different spacing, you just need to pick the right color as per the interior, and your space will be presentable in a wink.     
Not in the housing areas, but oval office rugs also help in giving a unique look to the working space. Apart from all, jute oval rugs     are most in trend these days. Interior designers consider them classic coffee table rugs.   

Square Rug:  

Square rugs   are also traditional patterned rugs that are suitable for contemporary rooms. Designing your space with a square rug isn't much different from a rectangular one. However, you cannot design the Hallway interior using a square rug, as they just don't go well.   

Despite their traditional image, you can give a modern look to your room with square rugs with a little bit of creativity. Most people use small square rugs to create an elegant layout for their rooms.   

Round Rug:  

Round rugs   are helpful in giving that playful touch to the room. These rugs are mainly used in dining   and living rooms ,  but one can also use them for the bathroom ,   entryway ,  or as kitchen rugs  

Different-sized circular rugs can be designed in a way to creates a polka-dot effect. These customized effects can help to deliver an overall artistic look to the place. You can also choose a big round rug to cover the whole flooring, but instead of solid coloring make sure to choose a patterned rug.  

Unique Shapes:  

If you are a person that doesn't like to do things in old-school ways and is open to experimenting with layouts, pick uniquely shaped rugs. They are perfect in providing individuality to your room and symbolize very well that your taste is also exceptional from others.   

The Unique shapes can be anything like flowers, plants, animals, paw prints, stars, moons, and much more. One can use these rugs for the living room as well as the kid's room. To be honest, kids just adore these customizations. If you find a unique rug for your children's room as per their interests, they will really appreciate the efforts you put into making their room more lively and fun.  

Layering different rug shapes  



Layering with different-sized and shaped rugs is common these days. However, layering doesn't go with all spaces. You can try rug layering in spaces where you want to feel the warmth. For that very reason, living rooms are perfect for rug layering. Every morning, you can just lay your feet on the floor covered with layered rugs and get that cozy feeling. For the best impact, use as the comfortable fabric you can choose.   

When doing rug layering, it is critical to choose color combinations that won't look messy and provide an overall appealing appearance. If you want a little idea about rug layering, we can give you a simple example; Grab a large octagonal rug and layer it with different round rugs to create an overall incredible design.   


Rugs as per different shaped tables  


Rug for a Round Table  

If you wish to go safe, as per the identical rug shape rule, a round rug for the round table is a decent choice. Not only that, but you can also pick a rectangle or oval rug for a round table.   


Rug for an Oval table  

Rectangular Rugs! Rectangular Rugs are appropriate for oval tables. Just make sure to choose the rug color according to the table and chairs, as the rug's color should always fit well with the furniture.   

When it comes to choosing the best rug shape for every room in your house, it's important to consider the function and feel of the space. For instance, a dining table rug should be big enough to accommodate both the table and the chairs, with enough space to comfortably move them in and out. 

An area rug that measures 10x18 would be an ideal choice for a larger dining room, while an 8x8 octagon rug would be perfect for a smaller one. An oval rug under a dining table can also be a great choice, especially if you have an oval dining table. A red oval rug could add a pop of color to the room while creating a natural flow around the seating areas.

It's also important to take foot traffic into consideration when choosing a rug for your dining room. A rug pad can help to prevent slips and falls while protecting the rug from wear and tear. For spaces with bay windows, a round 12x12 rug can create a cozy seating area while adding a touch of elegance to the room. 

If you're looking for a rug that's easy to clean, natural fibers like wool or jute are great options. Hand-knotted rugs are also durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic, making them perfect for high-traffic areas like the dining room. By choosing the right rug shape and size, you can create a space that not only looks great but feels great too.

If you're in search of a rug for your dining room or any other space, consider the space feeling you want to create. A mosaic 12x12 rug can add a touch of sophistication to the room, while an oval rug measuring 7x9 can create a cozy atmosphere around the dining table. 

When it comes to the Oval rug under a dining table, make sure it's large enough to fit both the table and chairs while leaving some space around the edges. If you're looking for a rug for a larger room, consider a white house and choose an area rug that measures 10x18 to fill the space. With the right rug shape and size, you can transform any room into a comfortable and inviting space for you and your guests to enjoy

Where to get the best rugs?    

It may be hard to find a nice and trustworthy site online in which you can find the exact kind of rug you are picturing for your living room, but believe us when we tell you that here at Magic Rugs,  we have those shape area rugs for living room, for bedroom, kitchen and much more!  

There is an infinity of styles and patterns you can choose from, high pile shaggy modern rugs to mollify that hyper-connected modern furniture, a square, rectangular, or round rug, and an oriental modern rug, with its intricate, extremely expressive, and elegant patterns. Anything you may be looking for, you can find it here.