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what is a tribal rug?

Are you looking for a piece of decor to give life and personality to your room? Then tribal rugs are what you are looking for. Woven in and brought from many different oriental countries, and carrying within them centuries of history and culture, Tribal rugs are nowadays one of the best ways to compliment any kind of room that needs a pop of color.

Their often bold colors and striking patterns are sure to make a piece of art out of your room. Be it modern or rather antique, you can add warmth and charm to any interior design that is lacking in these two qualities by adding a tribal rug as a centerpiece of attraction in your living area or bedroom. This blog will take you through the world of tribal rugs, their origins, how to use them at home, their value, and how to make them the main character at home.

Tribal rug patterns

The kind of rug you are to use depends entirely on the way your room is decorated, the style of the furniture you have gathered, the colors around it, whether the room is large or small, and so on. No one cloth can make all rooms look better. However, there are certain times when tribal rugs would be the perfect choice for your room.


What is a tribal rug?

The word tribal comes from anything related to tribes. Antique tribal rugs were traditionally made by nomadic tribes who were known for their traveling lifestyle and the use of animal hides as clothing. Traditionally, these rugs were sewn by hand from hair (often horsehair).

These rugs were created for use on the floor of their tents and not for decoration. It was common for tribal rug makers to incorporate various designs into their work that represented the family. Designs such as flowers or geometric patterns can represent years of tradition or celebration in the rug maker's life or family's life.

However, Tribal Rugs have now evolved in several ways over the years. Today, they can be made with synthetic materials such as nylon. The designs have also evolved to include geometric patterns and animals native to the place where the rug was made or imported. Furthermore, we are now able to include these beautiful rugs in our homes as decorative items, to render our rooms more beautiful and alive.


When to use a Tribal rug?

Tribal rugs are often ideal to use in the following situations:

  1. With a soft color scheme, such as pale colors like lavender or baby blue. A tribal wool rug would match the vibe perfectly.
  2. In a kitchen or dining area which is decorated with monochromatic colors: either white with some greys mixed in or shades of light brown.
  3. If you want a rug to be the centerpiece of your room.
  4. If you live in a country that experiences cold weather, even on hot summer days, then having a Tribal area rug will add insulation to that area and keep your feet warm.
  5. A tribal rug is also great if you are looking for a piece of decor to state what kind of theme/style your room has.

how to size a rug

how to match tribal rugs with your room?

Ever think about how to match tribal rugs with your room? It's sometimes a difficult task since there are so many different types of tribal rugs.

What type of rug style do you want? What room will you place it in? These two questions will help narrow down what type of area rug might be perfect for your space.

You should also consider the color and size when deciding on which rug design is best for your flooring needs. A black tribal rug could match perfectly with creamy colors, for it will make the room pop with color.

For more rustic, brown, and golden rooms, you could choose a black and white tribal rug, for it will allow the rug to merge with the environment. You can complement the rug with other items in the room as well such as pillows and throw blankets.


Tribal Rugs Around the World

The term "tribal rug" was first used in the middle of the nineteenth century when the first tribal oriental Rug stockpile was exported from Persia to Britain. Tribal rugs can be found all over the world such as in Turkey, Afghanistan, China, and India. These rugs are made by weaving different combinations of wool, cotton, silk, and sometimes alpaca fibers.

The most famous are Afghan, Turkish, Caucasian, and Persian rugs. They're named after their respective regions of origin and differ in style and complexity from one another. You can also find Tribal Rugs that were woven in Turkey or, less frequently, India.

What about prices?

Tribal rugs are made from wool, silk, and cotton by skilled craftsmen. They were typically woven by nomadic people in tents, who would create a design with their weaving that tells a story about their heritage. The price of a tribal Persian rug depends on its age, quality, and rarity. The more time spent on making the rug, the higher its value can be.

This project is a celebration of pattern and color that reflects the rich history of these unique works of art. These exotic rugs can add a touch of warmth and sophistication to any room. Tribal rugs can cost thousands - or hundreds -of dollars if you're looking for an antique piece or a rare design. However, it is possible to find tribal rugs for sale, if we search well enough.


Are you ready for tribal rugs?

There is nothing left to do, but find the perfect match for your house. Keep in mind that Tribal rugs are a great way to weave history and tradition into the decor of your home, they can serve as stunning focal points in your room, for the vibrant colors and intricate patterns are sure to catch the eye of everyone who visits your home.