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Top Home Décor Trends for 2023

At the beginning of 2023, we are making grand resolutions to become healthier, more positive, more productive, and better people. While we are committing to bettering ourselves, are we giving attention to our homes which they really deserve? Our homes are a reflection of us. It is the place where we sleep, eat, bathe, relax, and even work. For this reason, we should give our place loving and tender care in the new year.  

Here are some of the most stylish home décor trends of 2023 that will help you to enhance the beauty and appeal of your home.


1. Terrazzo

Terrazzo is the biggest home decoration trend of 2023. People are buying terrazzo coffee tables and side tables. They are even installing terrazzo tile floors. Terrazzo tile motif is being increasingly used on wallpaper and carpets. This trend from the past has come back with a modern twist.

2. Artisanal fixtures 

More and more people have started to use artisan lighting fixtures after procuring them from local artists and small businesses. Artisan fixtures impart a personalized touch to your home. Like natural elements, they help to shift a home’s focus from the tech world to the natural world.    

3. Natural elements

While tech-obsessed décor dominated in 2022, in the new year home décor is moving towards fresh and natural materials like copper, stone, concrete, and granite. These elements will help to bring a serene and organic ambiance to any space while reflecting the world around your home.  

4. Velvet furnishings

Velvet was earlier seen as old fashion and stuffy, but now it is being viewed as luxurious yet funky. This multi-dimensional fabric has already started captivating a lot of attention making it one of the most sought-after trends of 2023. Placing velvet sofas in your guest room will add to your home’s beauty.  

5. Floral patterns

This decoration trend has been around for some time. However, in the new year, people will see floral patterns in a new light. Owners wishing to beautify their homes expect to find the use of exaggerated proportions and contrasting colors for this timeless decoration pattern.   

6. Copper accents

Rose gold was one of the most widely used décor trends of 2022, but in 2023 people are expecting to see less rose gold and more copper accents, along with a blend of other metals. Due to its orange and red tones and overall earthy color, copper gives a much-needed breath of fresh air in the new year.

7. Richer color palettes  

Though muted colors can help people avoid making their living spaces feel overwhelming, decorators feel that in 2023 bolder colors will be preferred. Richer shades throughout your home can render your more muted furnishings and decorative decor look appealing. You should opt for statement pinks, dramatic reds, organic greens, and bold yellows for getting the desired visual effect.  

8. Brass decor  

2023 is turning out to be a year where homeowners say goodbye to stainless steel and polished nickel faucets and welcome brass-accented faucets back into their homes. Brass is a subtle and warm alternative to the expected steel accents.  

9. Black and White Decor    

Black and white furnishings are a truly timeless design trend that homeowners will want to include in their list of preferred home décor trends of 2023. The visual contrast of black and white in their pillows, cushions, etc. will impart a sense of balance and boldness to their living space.


10. Millennial Pink

This trendy hue was a great hit in 2022. This pink shade will continue to get a lot of attention in 2023. You can include this hue in new creative and unique ways on your sofa and cushion covers, rounded tables, etc. It provides you with an easy way to update any space in your home.

11. Tonal reds    

In recent years, homeowners have gravitated towards cooler colors like greens and blues. Warmer tones are going to be chosen by them in the new year. Having sofa covers, cushion covers and paintings in tonal red hues provides a great way to add complimenting contrast while radiating warmth which makes your home more welcoming.   

12. Geometric patterns

Just like floral patterns and brass décor, incorporating geometric patterns is not a new trend. Still, in the new year, geometric patterns are expected to make a dramatic presence. Hues will be bolder with oversized patterns. This is a trend that will help to make a bold statement in any room of your house. Adding geometric throws provides a stylish and easy way to incorporate this pattern into your home décor.    

13. Statement ceilings

Ceilings that are expressively painted to lacquered, to molding covered and wallpapered ceilings tend to create an enticing visual impact that we often dismiss. A reimagined ceiling can make a room appear brighter, larger, and more memorable than the impact that can be created by any common accent wall.   

14. Curved furnishings

Popular in the 1960s and ridiculed from then on, curved soft furnishings made a great impact at the recently held design shows as rigid lines remained in the spotlight for several decades and feel somewhat routine and expected.

It has been seen that curved lines take hold on rugs and tabletops as of late. But their return to seating and sofas makes it one of the most intriguing and even attractive decoration trends of 2023 which you can consider incorporating into your home – even if it is in the form of a simple utility bench or a side chair.

15. Eco-friendly  

With the environment suffering from one major crisis after the another, people are always happy to opt for new takes on production and décor which are easy on the eye and leave little to no impact on the planet and its resources.

From leftover materials like marble being recomposed in various innovative ways to live plant walls to energy-saving appliances, whatever you bring into your home from now onwards needs to follow suit and take less from the planet and give back maximum to it.


We hope these top home décor trends of 2023 will give you some great ideas for decorating your home and enhancing its beauty and appeal.

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