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Tips to place a rug in a small living room

A rug is a perfect accessory for any room, especially an interior. It is able to add the most charming beauty to the room and also serves as an easy way to elevate your immediate surroundings. Rugs are a great way to increase the coziness of your small living room. But, placement can be tricky - especially if you’ve got a small room and a lot of furniture or other items blocking your walking space.  

There is no need to get rid of anything or to give up the idea of adding a rug to de scheme, for we are here to provide you with some knowledge on rug placement in small rooms. This article will go over some ideas for placing a rug in a small living room and making it look spacious. Read on to find out more!    

tips to place a rug in a small living room  

We all would love to have a spacious living room, with all the luxury our family deserves. However, due to many different circumstances, we might have to do with a small type living room and fit all the decor ideas we once had in that reduced space.     

However, there is no need to despair, for there is still hope and there are many ways to turn a small living room into an oasis for you and your loved ones to enjoy, even more so with the help of an adequately-sized rug.   


how to place a rug in a small living room?  

Most people assume that it's impossible to place a rug in a small living room. But, with the right tips and tricks, it is possible to perfect your craft and make that area shine without sacrificing any valuable space. We'll help you figure out how to style that small room in your own personal way.  

The first thing we recommend is taking measurements of your current living room layout before purchasing a rug. Then, once you have the measurements, you must assure there are at least 18 inches of space from the edges of the rug to the walls of the room.  

Once you have the measurements you need, you can take the reins of creativity and originality and choose a rug to match both your size needs and your style and decor expectations. You could use a small pictorial rug to infuse elegance and luxury into your common spaces, or rather illuminate the room with a bold colorful rug.   


do rugs make rooms look bigger or smaller?  

A rug of the right size can help you create an illusion that your room is bigger than it really is. When choosing a rug, many people think about how big it will be if all its ends are placed together. What you need to do instead is to consider how big it will be if all its sides are placed together.   

Now, do big rugs make a room look smaller? The answer is not always. There is the belief that a rug that is too large, as it is probably the same size or even bigger than the original room, will overpower the space and make it appear smaller than it is, but another interior design current of thought assures that a rug that sits under the sofa, coffee table, and any additional furniture implemented in the room will always make the room look bigger and more prominent.  

what size rug for a small living room?         

To say there is truly the best size rug for a small living room is to assume all the conditions in a small room are the same, and this could not be farther from the case, because there are many factors in the room we should take into consideration, such as the light entrance in the room, the colors in the walls and decor items, the foot traffic it gets and much more.   

You have to consider the size of your living room as well as these many other elements in order to find the perfect size for your room. However, as a start, we might discuss some standard sizes that might work, such as a 5x8 living room rug or a 5x7 living room rug ,  which can be placed in the middle of the room, with only the front legs of every furniture item over them.   

Another size that works well for smaller rooms is 6x9 area rugs .  These are rather big and thus require a slightly bigger room, but do an excellent job under all four legs of every furniture item.   

Finally, a larger 8x10 area rug   seems to be frowned upon by some homeowners and interior decorators, but it is truly a matter of experimentation. You have the final choice in your home and can decide whether a small or a large rug is the best for your room.   


Ideas to decorate using a small area rug in the living room.  

Deciding how to decorate a small living room is not a completely easy task. A smaller living room for example is harder to decorate without making it look cluttered or disorganized. The rule of thumb is to find harmony in the spaces, colors, and items you will add to it. You need to keep in mind that space economics is what will keep the feel of your living room warmer and more inviting.   

Keeping in mind the space economy and the golden rule of leaving some inches between the rug and the limitations of the room, you are more than free to play with different colors, textures, sizes, and even shapes!   

It is never a bad idea to include a 6x6 square rug   under the small table in the middle, or if you are feeling bold, you could try to include a round rug for a small living room in the decor plan.   


where to buy small rugs?  

Do you need a small area rug in the living room? have you been struggling to find a trustworthy place to find the perfect rug for your home? The search is finally over. You have heard it before and will hear it now. Here at Magic rugs ,  we are more than ready for providing you with the exact rug you are looking for, and we are more than happy to exceed your expectations.   

Be you are looking for a standard-sized modern rug for your living room, or rather fancy a vintage washed-up rug, a hand-knotted or a handloom rug, we gladly have what you need.   


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