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6 Expert Designers Who Know How To Style With Vintage Rugs


Vintage rugs are a super stylish addition to any room but styling it in a way that brings the room together can feel like a daunting task.

Luckily, several designers have mastered the art of vintage rugs and are sharing their ideas with the world. If you’re wondering how best to style vintage Persian and oriental rugs, keep reading for six great interior looks from our favorite designers.


Kelly Hoppen   



Kelly Hoppen began designing interiors at the age of 16 and has since proven herself to be a genius in the industry. Her style is versatile and she’s able to design a room to suit any preference. She regularly incorporates vintage items and allows them to be the centerpiece of a more modern room. For example, a modern kitchen with sleek black cabinetry and stainless-steel appliances may seem far too modern to accommodate a vintage rug. However, the deep red of a geometric or traditional tribal rug melds seamlessly with the classic ambiance while adding a hint of ancient glamour.  



Erin Conway    

expert designers who really know how to style with vintage rugs

As a massive fan of rugs of all types, Erin Conway doesn’t shy away from using rugs anywhere she can. Of course, the floor is the most obvious choice, but don’t underestimate the power of a wall-hung vintage rug. 

In this sitting room, Conway uses a neutral blue, gray, and white rug to span most of the floor area. The neutral colors match the chairs and walls. To bring a bit of drama and contrast, however, she employs a deep burgundy rug to hang on the wall. The rug is small and suits the wall space perfectly, just like a painting. For more wall-worthy Persian and Oriental rugs, check out our huge collection of burgundy and red vintage rugs at Magic Rugs.


Sig Bergamin 

Most people don’t think of the dining room as the best option for a vintage rug, but a formal dining space is a perfect location. Sig Bergamin uses color coordination to bring together this dining space. The rich blue and cream of the large area rug complement the blue porcelain vases against the window, bringing together a deliciously Oriental motif. Chairs in contrasting patterns and colors, like the yellow striped ones here, further emphasize the delicateness of the floral pattern on the rug.  


Timothy Corrigan    
For those that appreciate a lighter, brighter room, Timothy Corrigan has created an amazing kitchen/dining space that focuses on warmth and intrigue. The art deco style chandelier sets the tone for the room while accessories like a decorative bird statue and whimsical artwork add an eclectic nuance. Keeping the room a warm cream color allows the rich brown and orange tribal vintage rug to pull attention to pieces of interest around the room. 


Jean-Louis Deniot    

A cozy bedroom deserves a cozy rug, and Jean-Louis Deniot is a master at creating spaces that almost demand inhabitants to cuddle up with a comfy throw. A fan of geometric shapes and subtle modern luxury, Deniot here utilizes an angular-printed rug that matches well the mirror above the bed. To soften all those edges, a generous blanket and several pillows add a sense of relaxation. Keeping the rug in neutral tones keeps the print versatile and homely. We have a massive collection of popular -yet uniquely- neutral toned Persian and Oriental rugs here at Magic Rugs.



Christina Shirley     

Christina Shirley

While most of us think of rugs as home décor accessories that belong in larger spaces like bedrooms or living rooms, designer and blogger Christina Shirley knows that a unique tribal rug in a smaller size is an ideal way to add warmth and depth to even a small area.   
Here, a warm-toned runner in an exciting vintage print seems to point toward the rustic wooden table at the end of the hall, discreetly decorated with live plants in simple white planters. The cozy nook is further enhanced with a round mirror that creates the illusion of more space.

Final Thoughts      
With so many designers utilizing incredible vintage rugs for a one-of-a-kind style, we know how important it is to get the right look and the right price for clients. If you’re a designer, architect, developer, or home decorator, our trade program will offer you the best products with a ton of extra advantages (think: tax exemptions, discounts, and cashback). Feeling inspired? Learn more about our trade program today!