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How to tell if you are purchasing a real cowhide rug

For those of you who’ve been looking for a rug that looks natural, durable, and still feels great underfoot, the Cowhide Rug is the one to get! The ultra-soft feel of the Cowhide Rug is perfect for any room in your home, and the rug's durability will make it easy to maintain. 

Additionally, Cowhide Rugs are constructed from only the best quality materials. That means no chemical treatments or glue-like substances were used during their production. And the variety of colors and designs possible is immense, so you can find a color that matches your current décor beautifully.

The only problem with these rugs is they are in high demand, and as a result, there might be some faux cowhides in the market, and not to fall into the trap of a false cowhide rug, it is important to pay attention to details before purchasing. In this post, we will discuss some of the techniques to find out whether a cowhide rug is real, as well as what is the best and most trustworthy place to find an authentic cowhide rug. 


How to tell if you are purchasing a real cowhide rug

Cowhide rugs are a more affordable, fresh, and chic alternative to traditional hard flooring. If you're looking for a way to change the look and feel of your space in a cost-effective manner, this is going to be your last step. 

They are easily washable and highly durable, which means that there will not be any risk of ruining the rug with spills or pet hair. This durable material can withstand quite the beating against furniture, so it's safe for anything from old crates to torn couches! 

Cowhide rugs could tend to be more expensive than most other rug options on the market today, this is due to the materials they are made in. However, they can be found to be much more affordable in many areas. They could even be less expensive than rugs made in materials like sisal rugs   (which are recognizable for their durability).


A real cowhide rug

An animal hide rug can be a real eye-catcher in the living areas of any home. Furthermore, it is extremely easy to clean The most important thing to ask before purchasing one is about the source of the material for these rugs. For you to be able to tell if a cowhide rug is genuine, you have to know what an authentic cowhide looks like and determine its age.

If you are curious about whether your cowhide rug is indeed a real cowhide rug, here are some steps that could help you figure out if it's true or not.

leather designs

First, take a look at your rug with the naked eye.

There are quite a few ways to tell if a rug is an authentic cow skin rug, but many of them can be easily spotted. Here are some of the most notable ones:


1 - The shedding.   

There should be no need for your new cowhide rug to shed. If your rug does shed, you will see it and notice it immediately. You may want to get a second opinion from somebody else who has purchased their own piece of natural art.


2 - When buying online  

always check the reviews!   Most reputable sellers won't leave fake reviews or post false information about their products because that would cause too much harm to them and their company's reputation. If you're savvy, you can easily find reviews for your next rug by performing simple searches.


3 - The texture  

Cowhide rugs are real, but they're not all made in the same way. Some materials used in making authentic cowhide rugs include sheepskin, calfskin, and horsehair (yes, horses have hair on their skin, and yes it is in a pad). Each material has its own unique feel, and its own weight, and it even smells differently. If your rug doesn't have that same feel, smell, and texture as an authentic rug, then it's probably fake.


5 - The stitching  

Most cowhide rugs are hand-stitched by at least two skilled tailors, so it should be nearly impossible to spot loose or sloppy stitching if professionals do not make them. If you purchase a rug that is new and the stitching is already coming undone after just one day of being in your home, then something is wrong with the quality of the material and/or your actual product.


6 - The weight of color.   

The color and the brightness should not be too saturated or too dull. This is something that anyone can notice when they first see your rug, so you don't have to get hooked on the idea that your rug is real just because someone else thinks it is. If a seller tells you the color and brightness are natural, then research a little further. 


7 - The price-quality   

a Cowhide rug will cost you at least several hundred dollars in order to be worth it. Don't expect to buy one for less than that because most sellers won't sell theirs for so cheap unless they are fakes.

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How to decorate with cowhide rugs 

Contrary to public belief, which reduces the versatility of cowhide area rugs to rather rustic houses, any kind of room decoration with cowhides is anything but a challenge, for the designs, are very varied and the great multiplicity of colors in which they can be found is definitely insight to their malleability around the house. 

In matters of size and shape , you could find the standard shape, reminding of the back of the animal, these are rather large cowhide rugs , and therefore need a more spacious room. There are, however, shape and size adapted rugs, such as a round cowhide rug , which can fit better in smaller rooms.



You can find white cowhide rugs , excellent to divide spaces and produce a contrast against dark floors , such as hardwood floors; grey cowhide rugs are mainly decided to blend with the space, with neuter surroundings. Furthermore, a brown cowhide rug is a perfect addition for light hardwood floors, where they will play a very eye-catching role.

The classic black and white cowhide rug can be a great addition. There is even the option of a cowhide patchwork rug, which includes both the beauty of cow skin and a very modern square design. 


Where to find the best Cowhide rugs 

It might be overwhelming to browse around the Internet, find cowhide rugs for sale and not be able to know whether it is one hundred percent authentic or not, but allow us to assure you: if you buy cowhide rugs here at MagicRugs, the quality and authenticity of the cowhide rugs you will find is not only guaranteed but also incomparable. 

We kindly invite you to browse around our very comprehensive catalog, and you are sure to find the perfect cow rugs for sale to complement your rooms and spaces. 

Are you ready to place a cowhide rug in your living room?

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