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How To Get Your Rugs Ready For The Holidays

How To Get Your Persian & Oriental Rugs Ready For The Holidays

Bravo, this is a fantastic time of year to check in on your rugs! The holidays are all about family and loved ones. So it makes sense to build annual carpet cleaning into your seasonal routine this time of year. Persian and Oriental rugs can last for generations if cared for properly. So let's take a look at these six steps below.

(P.s. This week we are featuring the work of one of our favorite designers: Jacquelyn Clark of the LarkandLinen.com blog. See more of Jacquelyn's work here.)


1. Start by Vacuuming

Over time loose dirt and particles become embedded in the fibers of your rug. If you have pets, you'll also find fur. And if you have children - who know what's down there! So when you vacuum your rug, start with the underside. Use the carpet cleaning setting on your vacuum and gently go over the complete underside. Stay away from the fringe. Next, turn the rug right side up and vacuum the top side several times. Again, slow and gentle movements - avoiding the fringe - are the way to go. Another method is to hang your rug and beat it. This can be helpful if you find sand-like particles in the fibers. Beating the rug is also a great way to loosen any particles prior to vacuuming.

2. Clean With Water & A Mild Cleanser

Now that you've thoroughly vacuumed your rug, you're ready to clean it. But - wait! Don't use just any chemical cleaning solution. Persian & Oriental rugs are made with special color dyes. Depending on the material, your rug fibers may be more delicate and less able to stand up to harsh chemicals. At Magic Rugs, we recommend mild cleansers, such as Woolite, or other rug shampoo made especially for fine rugs. Other items you'll need are a small bucket, a large scrub brush, small scrub brush, absorbent towel, and lukewarm water. Start by spot-cleaning any stains or high-impact areas you noticed when you were vacuuming. Use the small scrub brush, by dipping it into your cleaning solution and scrubbing gently and thoroughly. Use the absorbent towel to blot any areas that become too soapy or too wet. Next, use the larger scrub brush to gently scrub from one border to the next. We recommend scrubbing in small sections, from border to border, so you can keep track of your progress. Again, use the towel to blot up excess moisture and suds.

3. Dry & Comb

Lay your rug in a clean, dry space for drying. If possible, position a couple of fans near the rug to maintain a constant flow of air. If the elements are in your favor, lay the rug outside, for a maximum of 1-2 days. You'll want to vacuum your rug one more time. This catches any lasting particles and serves to elevate any matted fibers. Finally, comb your rug - that's right! This will return your rug to its original pattern and design. You should also notice more vivid colors and highlights.


4. If You Have Serious Pet Stains

No worries. There are several ways to get really tough pet stains out of Persian & oriental rugs. You can try the vinegar solution or a combination of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda for general spot cleaning. Club soda is a great (and cheap) way to eliminate urine stains. If stains have traveled through the rug to permeate the rug pad, you'll want to check out a solution of oxygen bleach. If non-toxic is your jam, check out grapeseed extract, cornstarch, and citrus solutions. Finally, don't forget the over-the-counter pet deodorizers you can find in the grocery store. Once you've cleaned the stain, these sprays and powders can fight any lasting smells. For the complete guide on how to use these techniques, check out the article here: 8 Tips To Remove Pet Hair & Stains From Your Rugs.

5. What About The Very Worst Rug Stains?

We've got answers. Check out this ultimate list for eliminating all kinds of specific stains. We cover everything from, Kool-Aid to chocolate, red wine, and coffee.


6. If You're Still Not Sure.

We compiled a list of things you should not do! So if this is your first time cleaning your rug, you may want to read this article next. We share a list of common mistakes we see often with our customers. Usually, they call us right away and we straighten it all out! But be sure to avoid these mistakes!