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How Big Should My Foyer Rug Be?

You must have heard the famous saying, ‘ The first impression is the last impression .’ Indeed, this phrase is always true about our home. For that very reason, you must pay great emphasis while designing your entry area as its first space that catches the eyes of anyone who enters your home.   

Introducing beautiful rugs in the foyer   can do the trick as they not only protect the house from dust, dirt, and scratches but improve the house's design and provide it with a definite aesthetic. These are only a few of the reasons that support having rugs in the foyer.  

Choosing a perfect design is not the only potential challenge one encounters while picking foyer area rugs, as finding the right size is difficult too!    


How to determine the Rug size for Foyer?  

Firstly, there are a lot of factors that determine the right size of Rug for an Entrance space! You just cannot assume a particular Rug size would look suitable in your entrance. It is because the rugs come in different sizes and shapes.   

Basically, while calculating the Rug size, you should have a clear picture in your head about the area of your entrance floor you want to keep naked. The lesser the area you leave, the better it is. It is mainly due to the fact that if the Rug would take up more space, it would make your space look welcoming and appealing.   

Now, take a measuring tape and estimate the total entrance area. After that, from the whole area, subtract the space you need to leave between your Rug and the surrounding walls. Mostly around 6" and 18" is considered the ideal space to leave between the wall and the rugs for the foyer.   

The foyer shape is also very critical to consider when finding the perfect foyer rug size. Every house has a different Foyer space as per its design! Foyers come in different shapes from rectangular and small, to big and wide, or long and narrow.    


Big & Wide  

If you are one of the lucky ones with abundant entrance space and double-door entryways, never choose small Rugs! Only large   and Rectangular Rugs   complement the grand foyer. Pick the best foyer rugs 3x4 or anything up to 9' x 13.' Go above these measurements, if your front door directly opens to a room like a dining room   or living room . For a 13' x 13' large entryway, choose a square rug   in place of a rectangular one, and that too only if your space is square.  


Small & Rectangular  

If your foyer is small, you must pick a small rug     accordingly! We suggest you get a small 2' x 3' Oriental Rug   or Persian rug   3x5 for Foyer, but don't go above these sizes. Although there is not much flexibility in choosing the size for small foyer areas, there are a lot of shapes to select from, for example a square 4x4 foyer rug. 

You are not bound to just the squares! round rugs for foyer are in style.   Pick circular, round , oval , or any other shape you like, that also goes well with the decor of your space.   


Long & Narrow  

Runner Rugs   go best with Long and Narrow Foyers! Runner ones are Long foyer rugs that are about 6' to 14' in length and 2' to 3' in width. You can lay these Rugs horizontally along the length of the floor in front of the main door in the doorway region.    


Where to Place a Rug in the Entry Area?  

When concluded with the right size for the Foyer, here comes the question of where to place it! Below are some of the tips that can help you rightly position your Rug in your foyer:  


Front of the Door:   

It is not necessary to place the Rug directly in front of the door; however, it is essential to position it by keeping the direction of the door in mind. The Rug should be positioned in a way that welcomes the person entering from the door!   

In case your entry hall has a chandelier or overhead lighting, place the Rug beneath them to mark the space blazed by their presence.   

Look out for possible obstruction:  

The Rug is meant to enhance the space and make a flattering impression. However, if their presence creates an obstruction for everyone crossing the entrance, they aren't really worth placing in your foyer. To avoid that, ensure the rug doesn't roll over or pile up while opening or closing the main door.   

Rug pads are a must!  

Whether the Rug is big or small in size, Rug pads   are a must to put on your shopping list when getting Rugs. The foyer is a high-traffic area that is more prone to wear and tear as well as slippage. These Rug pads create necessary friction between the flat Rug for the foyer and the floor in order to avoid slippage. Not just this, but these also protect Rug and the floor from daily wear out.  


What material is best for Foyer Area Rugs?  

There isn't one solo material that can be best for Foyer area Rugs. Though there are some excellent options like the ones described below that are ideal for the Foyer area:  


Wool is a highly durable material that can easily be cleaned. Most designers prefer wool material for foyer rugs! The material itself is resistant to moisture and stains.   

Even if these rugs catch some smudge or dust, they can be easily cleaned with normal soap and water. The sturdy material can last up to ages when used with a good quality Rug pad.   


Jute and Sisal:  

Jute and sisal are classic foyer rug materials, well-known for their durability. Timely shaking and vacuuming can remove dirt without any extra effort. While using these materials for foyer rugs on hardwood floors has its benefits, there's also a minor hindrance to keep in mind  

Being natural fibers, sisal and jute readily absorb moisture and can easily trigger mold or bacterial growth. Therefore, you must dry them before placing them on the floor.   


Synthetic fibers:   

Synthetic fibers like Nylon, Polyester, Olefin, etc are used in making Synthetic fiber rugs. They come in the most beautiful designs and vibrant colors in the market. Synthetic fiber rugs might be good at resisting dust, but they can't handle the heavy foot traffic that comes with being in a busy foyer.  

That's the reason why they don't last for much time. However, they come at a much cheaper cost and undoubtedly pay their price.   


Is it necessary to have a Foyer Rug?  

As we already mentioned, Rugs play a huge role in transforming a space and even an entrance area.   

Adding a rug to your foyer can be a great touch, but it's not just a matter of aesthetics. Whether it's a suitable choice depends on various factors . The decision is greatly influenced by the type of flooring you have in your Foyer!   

If you have tiles in your entrance, they would be easier to clean and maintain as the Rug won't do better than the tiles in a high-traffic spot. However, if you have a hardwood floor or carpeted flooring, we suggest you must get a good quality Rug. The Rug would be a lot more manageable than cleaning your carpet and hardwood floor. Not just this, but the Rug will protect these delicate floorings.   

At MagicRugs, we specialize in providing entrance rugs for hardwood and entryway rugs for hardwood that are both stylish and functional. When it comes to choosing the right size foyer rug, it's important to consider both the pile height and the pattern of the rug.   



A pile rug with a higher pile height will provide a soft, cushioned feel underfoot, while a patterned rug can serve as a focal point for your entrance. With our wide selection of rugs, it's easy to find one that fits your style and needs. Plus, all of our rugs are easy to clean and come with free shipping.   


When choosing a rug for your foyer, consider the overall size of your space, the amount of foot traffic, and the look you want to achieve. With MagicRugs, you're sure to find the perfect entrance rug for your home.  

If you are looking for good quality Foyer Rugs online,  we can surely help you with this! We have a special collection of foyer Rugs of different sizes, shapes, colors, and designs. Make sure to check the website and pick out your favorites!