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8 Best Tips to Place Dining Oriental Rugs


hand-knotted persian rug 8 Best Tips to Place Dining Oriental Rugs

We know that when it comes to decorating our house, we can go crazy and get overwhelmed with all the details. Finding the perfect Oriental rug to place in each room around your house requires thoughtful consideration and care. But you need not worry at all!! We are here to help you out in this regard! There are a couple of things that you need to do first before getting placed the rug in the various rooms of your house. For example, to set the handmade Oriental rugs in your dining room, you must know the exact length and width of the dining room table. The idea is to make enough space for the sliding chairs in and out, so they do not interfere with the rug. Similarly, you will also have to care about the other pieces of furniture which are kept in your dining room when you are going to get placed the rug.


Here are some valuable pointers that you must give due consideration to before starting your search for a dining room rug:

 1. The first thing that you need to do is to make arrangements for the furniture items before determining the size of the rug which you want to get placed in your dining room. You must take the right measurements to ensure that your rug does not cause disturbance to any cupboard or the other furniture pieces that are lying in your dining room.

2. Ensure that the rug size does include some space for chairs. Take the table top measurements and add at least 40-50 inches to each side so that you can easily push the chairs while sitting. It can cause you real irritation and make you feel unpleasant if the size of the rug placed in your dining room is not adequate and the chair legs keep sliding over the edges of the rug.


traditional area rug

3. You should purchase a rug with an overall design that does not contain medallions for the dining spaces, this way your friends won’t wonder what lies there in the middle of the rug and it will look harmonious.

4. Always leave a few inches of free space between the dining room rug and the wall. Large rugs should be placed at least a few inches away from the wall. To make your dining room look larger and spacious, generally, 20-inch flooring is left uncovered around the perimeter of the room. This method is highly feasible for rooms, which have been equipped with excellent and captivating floor tiles that perfectly complement the colors of the furniture items lying there.

5. The shape of the rug must match the table. Round-shaped tables look best with round-shaped rugs. If you have a square-shaped table kept in your dining room, then opt for a square-shaped rug. This will give a very decent look and help to make an excellent image of the dining room.

6. Rug colors play a significant role in defining a room. You must choose the right rug colors which can genuinely enhance the texture and colors of the furniture items lying in your dining room. Go for the perfect contrasts to make your furniture look prominent and appealing. The dining room rugs that contain bold colors and patterns act as the focal point. Using rugs with small and delicate designs and lighter tones can make the room look more extensive and broad. Similarly, choose those splashing rug colors that can make your furniture stand out and enhance the grace of your dining room.

7. If you have a long dining table lying in a narrow room, you can use two rugs and place them side by side for covering the length without causing an increase in the width.

8. In a dining room where you want to make the floor look prominent due to the color or design, choose smaller-sized rugs that contain contrasting tones and patterns for achieving enhanced looks. Make sure that your rug colors help in making the wall colors look prominent and noticeable. In this way, your dining room will look harmonious and beautiful which will leave a great impression on your guests and visitors.


Around a decade ago, it was so tedious to go out to visit so many different stores to find the perfect decor artifact for your home, but nowadays we have evolved into better technologies like shopping online. Finding the best deals online has become quite easy and hassle-free! You can visit every store in just a few minutes, compare the prices, different designs, and conditions and at the end of the day, it is more likely that you’ll find affordable Persian rugs that are of exceptional quality and which match well with your expectations and liking. The best thing is that almost every Oriental Rug Store will allow you to try the rug which you like for a couple of days and in case you feel that you prefer some other rug, you can go back and change it! Isn’t that amazing?


At Magic Rugs, we offer a 30 Days Return Policy and Free Shipping, and we have 4000+ fantastic and enchanting Persian Rugs lying in our stock. So you can easily find with us a rug that suits your specific decoration needs and preferences and gives your house an appealing and splendid look. It will help to make you feel proud as a house owner as well as bring visual delight to guests and visitors that come to your home.




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