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Decorating with Beautiful Oushak Rugs

Oushak rugs are a type of Persian rug traditionally made in the region of Ousak or Uşak, in western Anatolia. The Oushak rug is recognized for possessing striking colors, lively geometric patterns, and a high-quality weave. It has also been known to be remarkably durable which is why it’s often used on floors as well as furniture cushions and window dressings. 

Known for their durability and unique patterns, these rugs can also complement any decor style because of their versatility. Choose an oushak rug for a traditional look or textured Tibetan wool to add an eclectic feel to your space. These distinctive handmade Persian rugs   are used to decorate properties throughout the world and will provide quality comfort at an affordable cost. 


Decorating with Beautiful Oushak Rugs

Interior decor is not an easy task, with all the options offered to possible buyers, might feel overwhelmed by all the variations and plurality of only one item. Let’s say you are finishing the decorations for your newly arranged room or home, and you might have noticed there is something lacking, perhaps a new decor item… A rug? You might then want to consider oushak rugs, for they are immensely versatile and very beautiful indeed. 


Oushak rugs

Oushak rugs are a traditional form of floor coverings from Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Pakistan. Antique Oushak rugs vary in their design and weave, with many incorporating intricate patterns. And as they are handmade, these rugs have widely been accepted by well-known designers around the world to decorate households and embellish many kinds of rooms. 

These unique handmade Persian rugs come in a wide range of traditional designs such as floral and geometric patterns. Furthermore, you can choose from various colors to fit your individual preferences: blue , green , red, brown , and many more. Oushak rugs can be found in many sizes ranging from the smallest 3×3 up to the biggest 8×8 size.

The Oushak rug is a common type of rug that has a very distinctive design, with deep, rich colors and an intricate, timeless pattern. We are more than certain that among all the options, you are sure going to be able to find the perfect oushak rug for your home. You can even add some new decor to your room with these stylish rugs. Let’s take a look at the 10 most popular places for an oushak rug around the house

These rugs are all handmade in Western Turkey by Turkish artisans who work their weaving into tight knots using woolen threads on cotton or silk wefts.


What are Great About Oushak rugs?

It's impossible to list any one thing as unique about these rugs, but if we had to pick just one, it would be the style of the pattern. The patterns are all very geometric and use many different kinds of designs. It's easy to imagine that they might have been inspired by rug making in ancient Persia or the ancient Islamic world around 1500-1700.  

Most vintage oushak rugs are made in natural wool and then hand-woven using an old Turkic loom with a complicated design on each side of the rug. Because of the intricacy of their designs and the fact that they are made in a very traditional way, many people consider that oushaks make for great investments. 

Oushak rugs are of the highest quality rugs in the industry and include all-natural materials. They are made with care, attention to detail, and prideful design.

Oushak rugs have a thick pile and they tend to be durable due to the use of high-quality wool fibers. The weaving process is strong but careful so that the rug remains flexible instead of stiffened by the tightly-woven texture. The process also involves knotting as well as other traditional techniques, which makes it hard to break or take apart without unraveling it completely.

oushak 4

Where They Work Best

Be it vintage or a modern Oushak rug, every design can be perfect for adding a bit of warmth and texture to a dull room. This decor item seems to be very versatile, for they could work as a small-sized runner in a walk-in closet, alongside your bed, in the living room.

The first thing to know about these rugs is that they are not necessarily meant to be placed at floor level: they could also be placed over the dining room, or at the patio of the house. Also, if you have wood or tile floors, you can still use these rugs with them.

Oushaks work best on low wooden tables and low walls; they also look great under sofas and chairs. However, due to their size, these rugs don't always work well as floor coverings throughout a room. If the room is rather large, you might want to use a few different oushak area rugs in different areas of the room to divide the spaces without needing a driller or noisy tools. 

If you really want to use oushaks throughout a very large space and are not interested in placing more than two rugs, then it's best to place them on low tables and coffee tables rather than on floors, even more so if it is an Oushak runner .  


Where to Get Them

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