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Best Present Ideas For This Christmas

This Christmas, get them a gift that will become a family heirloom. Our rugs come in a variety of shapes, styles, colors, and uses. They’re designed to last for years and feature styles that have always aligned with the latest trends. So whether you’re trying to find Christmas gifts for her, him, mom, or them, you might be surprised to see how well a new rug can fit the bill. We’ll offer a quick guide to family gift ideas that come in rug form.


Christmas Gifts for Women

The Boho, art deco, and farmhouse styles have been gaining popularity lately, especially among young and affluent women. If you’re trying to find the perfect Christmas gifts for women, this is a great place to start.


Bohemian Rugs

farmhouse rugs


The boho (bohemian) style evolved as a celebration of free spirits and a lifestyle of travel. Boho rugs build on this tradition with cohesive styles, yet bend the rules. They are bold and eclectic. Did that remind you of anyone in particular? If so, a boho rug just might make the perfect gift this Christmas.

Just remember to get a quick look and feel for their current style. As we said, boho bends the reals, not breaks them. It’s still better to ensure a touch of cohesion. Your Christmas gift should still complement their existing style, not detract from it.


Farmhouse Rugs

The farmhouse style pays homage to our roots and takes us back to a simpler time. It celebrates classic styles while sometimes incorporating a subtle modern flair. Farmhouse rugs blend well with soft, calming decor - and who couldn’t use a more calming presence in their lives right now?

Floral patterns are particularly popular in farmhouse rugs. They bring the beauty of nature indoors and help enhance the calming effect. Floral designs are timeless, so your Christmas gift will never fall out of style regardless of the latest trend.

Even better, farmhouse rugs are versatile and fit a variety of styles. They’re also one of our top choices when buying Christmas gifts for men (more on that later).


Which Art Deco Rugs Make Great Christmas Gifts for Her?

Art Deco


With its roots in architecture, Art Deco has been around for some time. Lately, however, its popularity has soared. It’s becoming more of a lifestyle and now encompasses jewelry, fashion, and (of course) interior design.

Art Deco rugs incorporate both abstract and intricate designs. They pay homage to their roots while still blending well with modern decor. In other words, they’re versatile and age well even as trends continue to shift rapidly. This is probably why it’s become such a popular style among professional and creative women.

art deco 1

Given its architectural roots, art deco rugs naturally reflect urban designs. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean urban in the modern sense. Many rugs feature influences from pre World War II cityscapes and continue the traditions that began during that era.

art decoBuy Geometric Area Floor Rug Runner for Sale

Of course, modern designs can still fit the art deco style. They just take more of an abstract form. They also feature bolder color contrasts and are less precise with their shapes, whereas classic art deco often makes use of intricate geometric shapes.


Which Rugs Make Great Christmas Gifts Ideas for Mom?

Antique and vintage rugs are classic choices for moms. They have been from the era they were created up to today. Persian and oriental rugs add a touch of history and culture to these classic choices.


Antique and Vintage Rugs

Does your mom love antiques? Ironically, antiques have never been out of style even though they may originate from different eras. If your mom already loves decor from a particular period in time, consider a vintage or antique rug from that same timeframe.


vintage & antique


Antique and vintage rugs tell a story. That story includes their history, culture, and the artisan’s unique style. They also reflect the designs that helped define their era. The right antique rug can help complete the style and story of your mom’s home.


Persian Rugs Gift Ideas

 pwersian rugs

Persian rugs are similar to antique rugs in the sense that they tell a story. However, these stories are rich in history and tradition. Persian rugs tell the story of a culture and how it evolved. They are uniquely influenced by middle eastern designs, yet fit perfectly in a variety of styles.


Oriental Rug Gifts

 oriental rugs

Asia’s cultural designs have gained worldwide fame through the traditions and lifestyles that gave birth to oriental rugs. The intricate designs and vibrant colors fit virtually any style and reflect centuries of fine, hand-crafted artisanship. Honestly, oriental rugs should’ve been one of the top gifts in the 12 Days of Christmas song.

Even better, oriental rugs are an easy gift to choose from. They come in more than enough colors and designs to fit any style. Just take a quick look at her decor, browse a few oriental rugs, and you’ll find the perfect Christmas gift for mom in no time!


Does Authenticity Matter?

The Persian and oriental rug styles have become so popular that they have inspired many knockoffs over the years. It can be difficult to find authentic rugs, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If the style is what matters, it’s okay if the rug isn’t authentic. But if you’re purchasing the rug for an aficionado, it might be best to do a little extra research and find a truly authentic rug.


Which Rug Styles Make Great Christmas Gifts for Him?

Men love styles that are rugged, modern, and bold. This is why tribal, modern, and farmhouse rugs make great Christmas presents for dads and husbands alike. We’ve also noticed that wool rugs and hand-knotted rugs are popular choices for men. Here’s a quick guide to choosing rugs as Christmas gifts for him.


Farmhouse Rugs: Also Great Christmas Gifts for Him!

We touched on farmhouse rugs earlier, so it’s no surprise that they’re also a great choice for young or affluent men. They might remind us of a simpler era, but that era was also more rugged than our cushy, air-conditioned lives of the modern age.

Many of the styles born in that era remain popular among men. We see them in flannel shirts, rustic entertainment centers, and rugged boots. Farmhouse rugs help keep that tradition alive.


Modern Rugs

modern 2

Young, professional men tend to love the sleek, bold designs of modern rugs. They’re especially popular among the tech and business savvy. Also, city lofts and home offices are great settings for modern rugs.

modern rugs 1

Many modern rugs reflect the minimalist style that has gained popularity recently. These rugs typically use neutral or earth-toned colors with basic patterns. They help keep rooms simple, yet stylish.

If he prefers to keep things sleek and simple, a modern-style rug will be the perfect Christmas gift for him. Consider cohesive designs and colors rather than contrasting styles. The exception here is if his decor already follows a specific contrasting color scheme, such as black and white.

If your man’s space seems to be missing something, a new rug just might make the perfect Christmas gift this year.


Wool Rugs

Wool is a natural material that feels great, endures years of heavy use, and can be made stain resistant easily. It also comes in a variety of colors, especially earth tones.

Wool rugs naturally resist stains. They are “naturally” treated with lanolin by the sheep’s sebaceous glands. This treatment remains an inherent property in the wool even after it’s dyed and woven into a rug.

Lanolin also gives wool moisture-resistant properties. This makes it easier to clean wool rugs after a spill. So if you know a man who’s a little on the messier side, a wool rug would probably be a great addition to his home.

Despite their softness, wool rugs are durable. They’re well-suited for high-traffic areas - or guys who tend to put their belongings through the wringer. Wool even acts as a flame retardant, although we don’t recommend putting this to the test! Maybe leave that detail out for his sake.


Which Rugs Make Great Christmas Gifts for Dad?

Dads (and parents in general, really) sometimes consider practicality first, then style. The rug’s style design and colors don’t matter as much as how long it can be expected to last (durability and stain resistance). This is especially true if the kids are still at home. So, here are a few rugs that make great Christmas gifts for parents.


Handmade Rugs

handmade rugs


Despite the many innovations of assembly-line machines, handmade rugs continue to outperform their machine-made counterparts. They offer more durability and outlive their conventional counterparts by generations. You can also use them in high-traffic areas stress-free.

It’s easy to see why parents love handmade rugs. They’re more durable, especially in homes with kids running wild. They’re also unique and one-of-a-kind. And, they maintain their style amid ever-changing trends. So this Christmas, why not get them a gift that they’ll have a new reason to love every day?


Looking for Family Gift Ideas? Here are a Few More Reasons Rugs Make Great Gifts

New rugs are a gift that the whole family can enjoy. They add more style, warmth, and comfort to any space. As we’ve discussed, they also come in enough styles to fit any home - even the hectic ones.

Rugs improve style by complimenting a room’s decor and bringing cohesion to its elements. This makes a home more inviting to family guests and serves as a conversation piece.

Also, rugs naturally warm their surrounding area. This adds comfort to popular gathering spots like kitchens and family rooms. If you have relatives who still don’t quite understand this, buy them a rug to make your future visits more pleasant!

And then there’s the fact that rugs are much cheaper and easier to replace than floors. Rugs and runners can be used to protect the carpet and hard surface areas in high-traffic places. They also act as the first line of defense against stains - and there are plenty of stain-resistant rugs that clean with ease. 

Even better, kids can inherit the rugs they grew up with! They make great gifts when children grow up and get ready to move into their own homes. This also gives parents an excuse to spice up their style with a new rug. We already mentioned that rugs make great heirlooms, and this is one of the many ways that can play out.

Needless to say, it’s easy to see why rugs are great family gift ideas that keep on giving. We’re talking in terms of style, performance, and even family inheritances.

Even better, some rugs gain value over time if they are well-maintained. Typically, handmade Persian and oriental rugs gain the most value. Just remember to tell the recipient of your gift to keep rugs clean, dry, and free of damage.

Rugs also make great gifts for the whole family. Many are designed with kids in mind. They feature fun shapes that captivate and nurture young imaginations. They are also available in smaller sizes to fit nicely in a kid’s room. So in addition to one rug having the potential to make a great gift for the entire family, there are also rugs that are good Christmas gift ideas for each member of the family.


gabbeh rug


Hand-Knotted Rugs: a Great Christmas Gift Idea for Anyone

We’re all unique in one way or another. Those differences make us human. And, they also make hand-knotted rugs one of the most unique gifts you can give this Christmas.

Every rug artisan is different. Each one has its ideas about designs and colors. Each one brings their take to the knotting process. And, each artisan adds a special touch that sets every rug they craft apart from the others.

This is why hand-knotted rugs are truly a unique gift. No two rugs are ever exactly alike, even if they were knotted by the same person. They don’t spit out by a machine that’s been programmed to follow a precise schematic down to the most microscopic detail.

If you give someone a hand-knotted rug, you’ve given them something that is truly one-of-a-kind. They won’t find any other rug quite like it in the world.


More Considerations When Buying a Rug as a Christmas Gift

We’ve discussed quite a few rug styles, but that’s not the only consideration when buying a rug as a Christmas gift. Size, shape, and utility all play an important roles. Here, we’ll offer a few quick tips for each.


What Size Rug Should I Get?

Sise Rugs


Our website includes the definitive guide to rug sizes, but here’s a quick summary. The rug should complement your room’s flooring, not overwhelm it. Typically, rugs are better suited to segment a room. For example, you may want one rug to define the seating area in your family room, and another to accent the entertainment center.

In general, a rug should occupy a little more than half of the space it’s meant to accent (not to be confused with the room overall). This puts its beauty on full display while still maintaining cohesion with the room’s remaining elements.

Of course, it might seem a little weird to start randomly measuring your friend’s space if you’re secretly planning to buy them a new rug. But don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be precise. Also, the aforementioned sizing guide offers measurements for common spaces. So, you have some guidance and a little wiggle room at your disposal.

Small square rugs are also becoming more popular as a modern style. They’re also typically used to accent smaller decor and tables. Square rugs are also gaining popularity in kid’s rooms.

If you need a rug in a longer space, consider a runner. They are popular choices in hallways, entranceways, and other high-traffic areas. They can also be used to make stairs safer and more comfortable, although this typically requires professional installation.


Rug Shape

rugs shape


Rugs aren’t always just the broadly rectangular shapes that often come to mind. If you’re purchasing a rug for a space that’s limited, uniquely shaped, or segmented, it’s worth considering a few rug shapes.

If you know someone who has a standalone piece of decor (such as a flower pot resting on a tall, skinny table), circular-shapes make the perfect accent. Smaller elements are often accented well by round and oval-shaped rugs.


Need Help Finding Christmas Gift Ideas?

Good Christmas gifts are those that last. We’ve discussed how rugs remain timeless in terms of style and durability. We also touched on how they make the perfect family heirloom from generation to generation.

And, we discussed how every rug has a story to tell - whether it’s the story of the artisan and culture behind its design or the thoughtful friend who presented it as a Christmas gift. These stories live on with and through the rug.

If you still need help finding a great Christmas gift, browse the large selection of rugs available on our website. You can also call us or stop by our store in Charlotte, NC

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