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Rug Pads - Protect Your Floors



Rug Pads - Protect your floors and Oriental rugsEverybody knows that whenever you buy beautiful affordable Oriental rugs to exhibit at your house and to match the amazing decor you have planned and also to look perfect all the time without any accidents, you definitely need a rug pad. Even better if it is eco-friendly.

A rug pad is always essential around the house when you want your stunning handmade Persian area rug in the dining room or living room to stay super still and perfect and not to slide or bunch up. Furthermore, the rug pad makes the rug feel more comfortable and adds a plush sensation under your feet.

Handmade Persian Rugs

Rug pads are super important because they protect what's over it, (like your very fancy antique area rug ) and under it, which it could be whether a carpeted floor or hardwood/laminate floor. This will preserve and avoid to harm any area of your floor like scratches from rugs with a rough back surface.

It is also very important to clarify that there are several types of rug pads, be sure to buy the most convenient for you. There is one use for hardwood floors and a different one use on top of carpets. They are not made the same way so if you buy a different rug pad than the one that you really need, it won't protect your rug or floor as it would with the right one.

Magic rugs have eco-friendly rug pads in every size for different kind of area rugs or runners and at a very reasonable affordable price. Plus you can order online, or call them with no hesitation and they will answer right away. Today there is a very special discount if you buy one of their handmade Persian area rugs from their large in-stock collection.