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6 places to use runner floor rugs

Have you ever seen a runner rug? Runner rugs are longer, yet less wide rugs. They are narrow enough to fit a hallway. This is the reason why most people think the only place in which a runner rug could be placed is in the hallway, but this is definitely not the case. 

There is an infinity of rooms and places in which a runner rug can be placed. In this article, we will explore the versatility of runner rugs, see some of the rooms in which a runner rug can be placed to embellish the area or render it safer, and find out about the best place to find runner rugs of the utmost quality. 

This type of rug is a great addition to almost any space and if you want to know why and how to get one for your home, then we invite you to keep on reading.


6 places to use runner floor rugs

If you're looking for a new decor addition to your home, and you are not entirely sure of what kind of element will work best for your premises, you might want to consider purchasing a rug and having runner rugs as a strong candidate. 

Runner rugs are known to be longer than they are wide, and they are preferred for hallway and kitchen decorations for their elongated structure; they are a very effective way of rendering a space wider, and also give the feeling of tidiness. These rugs will also bring life and warmth back into the house and will be a relief after a long day.

If you're looking for an efficient way to adorn up your home, and also add a practical and durable decor item to your house, then you may be interested in having a runner rug. Runners are great for highly trafficked spaces because they were manufactured with high-end materials to resist footsteps for years. This is also why runner rugs seem to be among the most versatile rugs in the market, and can be placed almost anywhere in the house.

6 places where a runner rug could work perfectly 

runner size

Here are several places in which you could place runner rugs:

The Hallway

This is the perfect place to display your runner rug. A runner rug takes up less space than a traditional rug and doesn't require a lot of time to clean, so no matter how much traffic the hallway has, a hallway rug runner will resist as new for longer than regular rugs. You could have it set up and ready for guests before they even arrive! And there's no need to worry about it getting knocked over either because you could place a rug pad under them.

A runner rug can be made in bold, eye-catching colors or in cream tones. Runner rugs come in every pattern, color, and design imaginable for you to choose from according to your aesthetic and practical needs.


The Kitchen

If you're a home cooker, then you may be interested in using a runner rug in your kitchen to keep the excess mess at bay. When cooking, food goes everywhere, so it's great to have something to prevent the excess from damaging the floor. If your children do a lot of art projects at the kitchen table, then you might want to invest in a kitchen runner rug just for them as well. A runner rug in your kitchen is also an ideal way to give the space some extra flair without having to worry about your main flooring getting damaged.



Outdoor runner rugs are a great way to glam up a patio or a porch. They are of course very practical and durable for the very resistant materials they are made of and can take sunlight, rain, and different temperatures without showing signs of wear and tear. They also work in magnifying the space where they are placed, so for a bigger patio without construction work, a runner rug is a solution.


In Your Bedroom

Even if you have hardwood floors in your bedroom, you may still want to use a bedroom runner rug. Place it underneath your bed or next to the dresser to make it easier to push the vacuum cleaner under there without causing any damage. You can also use a runner rug underneath the nightstands to help with storage messes and keep those bedside lights clean as well.


In Your Bathroom

Normally, If your bathroom doesn't have enough floor space for a regular-sized rug, there are therefore two options left: a small-sized rug, which is a great addition, although less glamorous, and a bathroom runner rug, which can both be the safest decision, for runner rugs can be anti-slippery and prevent you from falling after a shower, and a beautiful addition which will make your room look as if it were a luxurious hotel bathroom.

Furthermore, this will give your appliances a little extra protection from all of that wet spilling.


The Entryway:

Your entryway is a perfect place to display a runner rug. It will make the perfect illusion of a red or cream-colored carpet you and your guests get to walk through to a fancy award event.  This is, of course, an area that gets a lot of traffic, so the resistant materials of an entryway runner rug will be a perfect match to the resistance needed. 


Where to find the best runner rugs for your spaces?

Allow us to tell you a secret: The place to find the best runner rugs is definitely MagicRugs, where you can find the best and most beautiful rugs in the market, with the highest quality and the most unique designs. Every different homeowner is sure to find the perfect rug for their house, and since runner rugs are so versatile, everyone is sure to find the perfect one for each space of the house. 

Browse through our collection of runner rugs for your hallway, kitchen, or bedroom, and you are sure to find great surprises, maybe even runner rugs for sale.