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6 Totally Giftable Home Décor Ideas for the Holidays

Stuck on What to Get Your Clients? Here Are 6 Totally Giftable Home Décor Items You Can Give to Your Clients This Season  

As a designer, you know the ins and outs of how to make a home look its absolute best. From color schemes to tchotchkes, you have just the right touch when it comes to giving a room that right amount of pizzazz. Your clients, on the other hand, are probably not as in-tune with what looks good and what goes well with what they have. It can be difficult to understand what your client is looking for specifically if they don’t have a particular look in mind. However, gifting your client an incredible home décor item they will love doesn’t have to be a challenge. In fact, with your eye, you can probably find the perfect item for your client without too much stress.

Need some ideas? Here are 6 totally giftable home décor items that your clients will love, no matter their personal style.  

1.  Indoor Plants   

affordable handmade Persian rugsAn indoor plant is an ideal gift to give someone. It immediately brightens up the room, has wonderful health properties, and isn’t just something to look at. Your client will have to take care of it and keep it alive (unless you go the artificial route, which is also fine), so it’s also an activity as well as home décor! If your client is a fan of French farmhouse or boho style , plants are a great addition. They offer a homey feel and perfectly link to other décor items in that style. For example, a muted farmhouse style rug in a neutral palette can be brightened up by vivid greens. Likewise, a colorful boho rug in shades of oranges and reds will be complimented well by contrasting colors of live plants.

If you think that your client might enjoy a live plant, there are several options, depending on their own personal style. Here are a few of our favorites:

Succulents - You can’t go wrong with a tiny and tasteful succulent as a gift. They come in a variety of shades, from pale blues to deep purples. The colors of succulents are usually somewhat muted, so they will look best with other neutral colors . Avoid pairing them with bright shades because they can be easily overpowered and thus overlooked.

Calathea - Featuring deep- and light-green tops and a purple underside, the leaves of the calathea offer a sneaky bit of color to an otherwise neutral room. We mentioned above the boho style of décor and this is a perfect addition to that. Keep your boho rugs or throws in the color family of tans, beige, and even a bit of deep green to take full advantage of this plant.

Money Tree: No, it doesn’t grow dollar bills, but it does add a richness to any room, thanks to its avocado green leaves and funky twisted trunk. Pop it into a terra cotta planter for a true 70s vibe. Embrace the boho by adding it to a room that features warm, deep shades of red and orange .

Peace Lily: If you want to add flowers to the great indoors, avoid overly bright ones since they could clash with the overall style of the room. Instead, a neutral white lily is a great addition to any room, no matter the style. As we mentioned, though, plants will add life to any farmhouse or boho style home, and this white flower will add just the right amount of romance without overpowering the theme. Put it into a stone planter on the coffee table to bring focus to the center of a living room. A taupe farmhouse rug will match it perfectly.

There are a lot of other indoor plant options for your boho-au-naturel client, but these are some of our favorites. They won’t clash with the vibe of the room but will instead offer a pinch of color and a lot of fresh air.

2. Light Fixtures  Gift ideas for the holidays

As a designer, you know that lighting can make or break a room, but our clients often focus solely on the strength or warmth of the light itself. What often goes unnoticed is the light fixture. But this type of item can really bring a room together. After all, good décor is a lot of individual details that all come together to create a beautiful picture, just like an intricate painting.

If your client is an art-deco fan, we highly recommend checking out some lighting fixtures to really make that style pop. Lately, there’s a growing trend of art deco style fixtures, so there’s no better time to go for it. The style is focused on strong lines and bold colors , often with geometric shapes . If this sounds like your client’s style, here are a few light fixtures ideas that will really bring it out to the forefront.

Bare bulbs - Ok, this isn’t a fixture, but it’s a good look to add to any art deco style home. Because the style was popularized in the 1920s and 30s, when technology wasn’t as advanced, there is a trend to keep to the more industrial look of a bare bulb. When you go this route, make sure the bulb has a unique shape (either overly elongated or bulbous) and that it has an orangey glow. There should be a lot of filaments visible inside, so it looks more intentional and decorative. Pair these bulbs with a detailed and busy art deco rug for a bit of juxtaposition.

Pendant Lights – These kinds of fixtures hang the light from the ceiling and will definitely draw attention to whatever is beneath it. They work very well over a dining table but can also be used to draw attention to a decorative art deco style rug, or even a geometric rug.

Blocky Fixtures – If you don’t want a bulb exposed or dangling over your head, blocky fixtures with hard outlines might be right for your client’s art deco room. Choose an oversized one that has an almost opaque finish to create a soft lighting system that draws the focus to the style of the fixture itself. This style pairs well with extravagant décor in a room and will bring drama to libraries, studies, or smoking rooms. Keep the room warm with furniture and rugs in dark colors or contrast with a bright color.


  3. Minimalist Art   

Art on the wall is one surefire way to jazz up any room, no matter the style. But abstract and minimalist art ? This works well with modern styles, especially those that feature geometric patterns. By definition, minimalist art uses fewer colors, brush strokes, and details. Minimalist art works well because you don’t necessarily have to match whatever else is going on in the room. Because this art focuses on the essence of an image instead of its details, it won’t clash with other décor items in the room. Here are a few things to pay attention to when choosing minimalist art.

home decor gift ideas for the holidaysColor – As with any bit of décor, you’ll want to make sure that the color of the art either matches or complements the existing décor in the room. For example, if the focal point of a large living room is the gorgeous Shiraz rug that features rich reds and deep browns , the art should either feature these same types of colors or contrast with them. Tawny and peachy colors blend seamlessly, but deep greens and turquoises enhance each color.

Shape – If your client is a fan of geometric patterns and already uses a lot of these, soften up the edges with rounder, gentler shapes in the art. Avoid angular patterns that compete with geometric rugs or light fixtures. A series of circles or simple soft brush strokes will compliment them instead.

Content – Minimalism simply means that the spirit of the item is portrayed, and not necessarily its details. This means that the content of the art should also match the client’s desired style. For example, if a client owns a really amazing tribal rug or Oriental rug with lots of bold patterns and intricate detail, simple lines and shapes will work well. However, a tribal rug with an animal pattern can be matched by a minimalist print of a similar animal or natural scene Creating this type of motif will help blend styles together.


4. Turned Wooden Bowls

Great designers never underestimate the beauty of simplicity. It is this simplicity that makes a turned wooden bowl a perfect and inoffensive addition to literally any room. It can be functional or purely decorative, depending on the needs of your client. It can even serve as a vessel for other décor items, like flowers or stones.

When choosing a wooden bowl, you really can’t go wrong since they are a very natural yet beautiful piece. If you are concerned about whether it will match with your client’s current home style, pay attention to what types of materials are used throughout the home or room. The use of lots of glass, crystal, or otherwise shiny items may not jive well with a simple wooden bowl. However, if your client embodies the boho style with lots of natural colors and materials, a wooden bowl could be the perfect addition. As we’ve mentioned throughout, rugs are a perfect centerpiece to any room, so if your client has one in the home, this is a good indicator of what style they like. Even a modern rug that is surrounded by metal décor or bright lighting can be softened up by the use of a natural wooden bowl.

5. Throw Blanket   

home decor gift ideasNo living room is complete (or cozy) without a tasteful throw, especially if your client lives in a cold area. A fleecy or woolen throw blanket performs as a decoration when it is laid on the back of a chair or sofa as well as a functional item. It is portable, soft, and beautiful, and we think that a person can never own enough!

Because a throw embodies coziness and warmth, avoid giving one to a client that has a more modern or geometric style. But a boho rug is the perfect match to a tasseled and colorful throw. Even a French farmhouse rug or a traditional rug will benefit from the matched comfy-ness of an oversized knitted throw.

6. Personalized Family Figurines

With more and more artisans showing up on the internet with their amazing handmade wares, a personalized gift is the perfect way to show that you have considered your client personally and want to get them something that means a lot to them. However, because you’re also a designer, you’ll want to make sure that the style of the piece matches their overall home look.

A great gift is a set of personalized family figurines. These can be as minimalist or as detailed as you wish, depending on the artist you choose. They can also be made from a variety of materials to suit the look. Here are a few cool options you might want to check out.

Metal – Whether from twisted metal wire or straight pieces of metal, this style speaks to an industrial or modern look. It will pair well with an art deco style rug in the living room .    

Wood – Like the bowls mentioned above, using wood warms up a room and matches best with natural colors and textures. A farmhouse rug will work well with wood, as would a traditional rug or tribal rug style .    

Clay – This is a great option because it can include more details of the family features. Because of the detail present here, you’ll want to add it to a room that doesn’t have a lot of distracting patterns or pictures. A simple Oushak rug in neutral colors is a good option for a style foundation. If your clay figures are more minimalist, a modern rug will match great.

Final Thoughts

As a designer, you have a great eye for what looks good together. While you probably helped your client get their home to the stylish look it has now, there is always room for just a little more. The home décor ideas above will definitely ensure that you get your client the right thing that will make just the right statement in their beautiful home. If you’re in doubt, use the client’s rug choice as a guide to their preferred style and use it as a centerpiece which all other décor items surround.