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12 Days Of Christmas - Shiraz, Iran




The 12 Days of Christmas (Oriental Rugs Edition) 

Shiraz, Iran 


The 12 Days of Christmas, Oriental Rugs Edition is all about introducing you to authentic Oriental rugs , and where they come from. We’re touring our favorite places in the world, and we’ll visit a new city each day. By the end of the 12 Days of Christmas, you’ll be the smartest cookie at the holiday party, talkin’ all about fine vintage rugs. Let’s go!

  affordable handmade Persian rugs

The city of Shiraz is in the Iranian Province of Fars. This is the only carpet style that illustrates beautiful nightingale designs. This pretty bird is represented in angular shapes. For the Shiraz culture, the nightingale signifies fulfillment and happiness.

  affordable handmade Persian rugs

Vibrant And Bright Shades

Unlike the muted Oushak , or the deep dark Turkoman burgundies, Shiraz rugs exhibit vibrant and bright shades of red, orange and brown, with tribal and geometric shapes that spread symmetrically across the rug. 

  affordable handmade Persian rugs

An Excellent Choice For A Runner

Shiraz rugs are one of the most popular designs on the market today. The classic designs and colors are easily comparable to many interior design styles. We find many of our customers choose Shiraz rugs and runners to brighten up the kitchen and bathroom.


So next time, you’re talkin’ fine vintage rugs

Look for a Shiraz rug, a style rich in history and overflowing with tradition!



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