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Magic Rugs 12 Days Of Christmas - Mashad




The 12 Days of Christmas (Oriental Rugs Edition)

Mashad Style

The 12 Days of Christmas, Oriental Rugs Edition is all about introducing you to authentic Oriental rugs, and where they come from. We’re touring our favorite places in the world, and we’ll visit a new city each day. By the end of the 12 Days of Christmas, you’ll be the smartest cookie at the holiday party, talkin’ all about fine vintage rugs. Let’s go!

affordable handmade Persian rugs

Onwards we go to the holiest city in Iran, and home to the eighth Imam who now rests peacefully - Mashad. Don’t worry, he’s never lonely because he is visited by millions of Shiah Muslims each year, making the pilgrimage to this beautiful city. And, yep, you guessed it, Mashad is known for its super-rich culture and second-to-none quality of fine oriental rugs.

affordable handmade Persian rugs

What’s K PSI?

If you’re shopping for rugs and you’re not familiar with KPSI, well, you should be! When we’re talking about Knots Per Square Inch, we’re talking about quality. This is one of the most important factors when judging the quality of a rug. A good average rug might have around 100 KPSI, but a Mashad rug typically ranges from 120-475 KPSI!

affordable handmade Persian rugs

The designs on Mashad rugs are usually quite extensive, with medallions or pendants in the center. The most notable colors on a Mashad rug are ivory, red and blue.

affordable handmade Persian rugs

Oh, you thought you were done learning about Mashad rugs?

There’s more! Another thing that makes them so unique is the materials they are made from. Common rugs use cotton OR wool, but Mashad rugs are made with both.  Cotton provides a soft cushion, while wool makes a distinct and long-lasting surface. The combination of the two makes for a super comfortable and highly durable rug. Many of our customers go for a Mashad rug when they are looking for value.


So next time, you’re talkin’ fine vintage rugs

Look for a rug from the city of Mashad, rich in history and overflowing with tradition!



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