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Magic Rugs 12 Days Of Christmas - Kashan




Introducing: The City of Kashan

weaving rugs in kashan


The 12 Days of Christmas, Oriental Rugs Edition is all about introducing you to authentic Oriental rugs, and where they come from. We’re touring our favorite places in the world, and we’ll visit a new city each day. By the end of the 12 Days of Christmas, you’ll be the smartest cookie at the holiday party, talkin’ all about fine vintage rugs. Let’s go!


The Tile City

We’re kicking it off in Kashan , an ancient city in north-central Iran. Did you know it’s believed to be 9,000 years old? “Kashi” is the Persian word for tile, and for centuries, Kashan was best known as a center of pottery and tile production. If you go there in present day, you can still see the gorgeous tile art in the city’s architecture.


A Fine Holiday Retreat

Since the 17th century - that’s the Safavid dynasty, by the way, the great rulers would retreat to Kashan for the holidays. Around that same time, Kashan became renowned for its rugs. In fact, carpet-making is still a popular profession among the people of Kashan today.

affordable handmade Persian rugsHigh-Quality Materials

Kashan rugs are known for their use of high-quality materials, like silk, the finest cotton, and the softest wools. Designs traditionally include a medallion in the center, on a red and navy background, with ivory borders. Kashan carpets are dyed with natural sources such as plants like madder root, walnut skin, pomegranate skin, and vine leaves.


So next time you're talkin' fine vintage rugs...

Look for something from magnificent Kashan a city rich in history and overflowing with tradition. 

By the way, if you want to learn more, we found this amazing video by UNESCO , and it's all about the carpet-making industry in Kashan. Enjoy!


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Happy Holidays From All Of Us At Magic Rugs!



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