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12 Days Of Christmas - Anatolian Peninsula




Anatolian Rugs

Oushak rugs were historically known as “Anatolian rugs,” which means “land of the rising sun.” In the present day, we call these rugs “Oushak,” which references a major city in Western Anatolia, known for having been a major center of rug production during the Ottoman Empire. The term has since gained such large popularity in American culture that we forgot all about the city where the tradition started- the Anatolia Peninsula in Turkey!


Anatolian Peninsula

Where It All Began

The Turkish hand-knotting tradition dates so far back in history that many scientists believe this is where it all started. Around 40 years ago anthropologists found thousands of Oushak rugs layered on top of each other at one of the oldest Mosques of Istanbul, Sultan Ahmet Mosque.

 Oushak Rug

Silky Luminous Wool 

Oushak rugs are produced with a one-of-a-kind silky, luminous wool. Made with natural dyes, these rugs display cinnamon and terracotta tints, golds, blues, greens, ivory, saffron and grays. 

Oushak rug

Oh How We Love Muted Rugs

Many Oushak rugs have muted designs , with distinct tribal figures and detailed decorative flowers. This understated style is amazingly versatile and a major reason behind its gain in popularity. An Oushak rug can go with any interior design and will help show off other pieces in your space. 

Oushak Rugs

So next time, you’re talkin’ fine vintage rugs 

Look for an Oushak - or should we say Anatolian - rug from Turkey, a style rich in history and overflowing with tradition.



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