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Magic Rugs 12 Days Of Christmas

affordable handmade Persian rugs  

affordable handmade Persian rugs  

We often get questions like 

"Are Persian and Oriental rugs the same?" ... or, "How do I know where this rug is from?" ... or, the most concerning -- "Why are Persian rugs SO expensive?!" 

So this year 

During the 12 Days Of Christmas, we're going to bring you around the world - of rugs, that is.

Popular styles and not-so-well-known ones 

We'll introduce you to Oriental rugs and where they come from. You'll learn about the most popular styles and a few obscure and not-so-well-known ones.

Rock that holiday party! 

By the end of your 12 Days Of Christmas, you'll be able to rock the holiday party with your "Tabriz this" and "Heriz that" knowledge of fine, hand-knotted Oriental rugs!

So join us as we tour our favorite places in the world... Kashan, Oushak, Hamadan, Nain, and so many more!

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