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Best Color Rug for Hardwood Floor

If you are considering including a rug in your home interior decor, it is essential to find the perfect match for both style and colors in the room. Every piece of furniture, every window, and every decorative item should be taken into account when choosing the right rig for your spaces. The flooring is, of course, one of the most important aspects of the room to take into account. If your house has hardwood flooring, there is a list of colors you should consider for your rug, so it can match both the vibe of the room and the color of the flooring. If you have been wondering which are the right colors to put over your hardwood floor, you might want to keep some suggestions into consideration. In this article, we will go over the importance of having a rug match your hardwood floor, and we have gathered some advice regarding the best colors to match both dark and light hardwood floors. 


Best Color Rug for Hardwood Floor  

If you're looking to decorate your home with a rug, one of the first parameters you will want to consider is the rug's color. It's recommended that you buy a rug based on many elements; first, of course, the combination of colors in the walls, the furniture, and the decorations in the room, and secondly, based on the flooring in your home

The material and color of your flooring are of the utmost importance when choosing a rug for your room, for it is the contrast with the flooring that will make it easier to see the rug and correctly appreciate it. 


Rugs for Hardwood Flooring   

The general advice to successfully match a rug with hardwood flooring is always to seek consistency; that is to say, create a consonant theme so that everything inside the room works cohesively. This, conversely, is achieved by choosing the right rug to create this non-disruptive contrast. The perfect way to do this is by sticking to one color rugs,  or solid rugs,  for they will bring the consistency needed.


Darker and lighter hardwood  

To purchase a new rug for an area with hardwood flooring, you must first pay attention to the tone of the hardwood flooring. It is based on this parameter that your rug’s color must be decided on. 

For darker hardwood flooring, the rug colors should be lighter, in a scale of pastels and creamy colors, to create a contrast against the dark floor. You should go with a deeper hue for lighter hardwood flooring, such as reds and blacks. If the hardwood floor's color is somewhere in between, you could decide to play with color shades of blue, green, or orange.

Remember there must always be a tension between contrast and cohesion to maintain the harmonious esthetic in the room.


Rugs for dark wood floors  

Contrary to public belief, putting a rug in dark hardwood flooring is not meant to cover a dark hardwood, but to complement it. Although we know well that dark colors are somewhat a detriment to the size of the room, light and bright-colored rugs create the exact opposite effect, expanding the spaces.

Some colors are always great choices for dark wood floors: 


Pale and cream color rugs  

The lighter color palette is perfect to compliment the dark wooden floors, for they create a perfect division in the floor and provide both a breathing space for the view and a bright spot that will surely catch everyone’s eye.


White rugs  

A white rug is A comforting addition to a dark wooden floor, the pureness of white will give the room the effect of cleanness and tidiness, for it will create the perfect, clear-cut contrast, very classy and luxurious.


Beige spectrum rugs  

There is a vintage, zen style that only beige rugs  can create. They can be placed on any type of flooring, but over dark hardwood floors, they will combine perfectly with the rest of the room, causing a slight contrast but rendering the harmony among furniture, flooring, and walls beautiful.


Rugs for light wood floors  

Modern colorful rugs  are the greatest option to take when complimenting light wood floors. Their rather muted colors will allow you to give free rein to your imagination and experiment with different shades of bold colors to introduce a pop of color into your rooms.

Some great rug color options for light wooden floors are:


Blue rugs  

Bring the sea to your living room, and do so with a large blue rug  to contrast the sandy light wooden floors. You could play with different patterns of beach rugs, have your spaces turn into different exotic beaches around the world, and let your room express itself through colors. 


Purple rugs  

A very bold color for a highly trafficked room, but you could dare to give it a try. Nothing creates a statement like the color purple. Any room can be rendered much more appealing with a bright purple rug,  and the contrast with the light wood is magnificent.


Orange rugs  

Orange rugs  are not just the perfect way to spice up a dull room. They are designed to be the decor item that brings the most attention, adds some color and life to the space, and make it appear more spacious than it is. 


Rules are made to break them  

There are many popular combinations of hardwood floors and rugs available that you might want to consider when decorating your house. However, there are no steadfast rules on the subject, and after doing some research on the matter, you can trust in a combination of both your knowledge and your interior designer instinct. 

For instance, If you want to pair your dark wood with reds or oranges for an autumnal feel, try out different colors, or bring a pale blue rug to your light wooden floor because it reminds you of the beach, You must feel free to experiment and pick the right rug for your spaces.

In the end, it will always come down to your personal preference when choosing an area rug for your home! The best way to determine what will work best for you is by browsing through our wide and comprehensive catalog. 

You may find yourself lost surfing the web for the perfect color, but rest assured, Magic Rugs has the widest color palette in rugs! We have curated a collection of handmade oriental rugs that match perfectly with any tone of hardwood floor!